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Carol Lynn Klavon

Freelance Book Writer, Data Entry Freelancer, & More

Location:Fresno, California, United States
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In October of 2013, I published a short story (via the CreateSpace publishing platform through Amazon) entitled "Mother of Peace." I also submitted another short story entitled "Forever Home" online at American Short Fiction Magazine. It is currently being reviewed for publication. I have also been involved in a proofreading/editing project for a full-length novel written by Richard Billingsley, who himself has written some screenplays and currently works at Austin Film Festival. I would like to break into the writing field more aggressively as the sales for my current book are a bit slow right now. If you need someone to regularly review books, movies, restaurants, plays, and the like, I would be more than happy to do that for your publication. If you have a life story that you are having difficulty writing, I would be delighted to help with that process. As you can see, I have just included a research paper I wrote just a few years ago--I am very thorough in my research--even for my fictional story, "Mother of Peace," I did a great deal of historical, linguistic, religious, political, social, and geographical research to get certain minute details correct. I love the research just as much as I love the writing.