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Nelio Bugallo

Freelance Artist & Drawer

Location:Morristown, New Jersey, United States
2 Skills
Self-Taught Artist that has a hand in all the art-forms
(Murals,Portraits,Landscapes,Abstract,Experimental,Line-work,Anatomical Figures,Conceptual,Design,Maquettes,Sculpture molds, Adobe Photoshop,Illustrator, Paint SAI,Miniature Model Customization)
As an artist, I feel that boundaries must be broken and reinvented. In art, originality is the key. I live and create my work on these principles. I'm always compelled to cut my own path in a sea of giants and surface with a vision of my own. My imagination and emotions have always been the driving force in everything I do. I have an imagination that is a never ending stream of ideas. Some of my concepts are so far-fetched only through my art I’m able to create them. I tend to bind all these theories and designs with great passion for art. I put much thought into what I create before it drips of the brush or runs of the pen. I maintain a well balance of imaginative juices and expressive forms to create the foundation of my artistic ways. For the most part really, I mix the world of reality against the world in which my imagination is liberated to run rampant. I take the laws of physics and the usual norms and press them against their breaking points. The reality vs. unreal is seen throughout my creature concepts and lavish landscapes. I also reside in the real aspect of life but usually the outer limits are where I feel more comfortable with my art. The occult, monsters, creatures, imaginary landscapes, basically all unreal but very imaginative enriched conceptual art is my playing field. While I rather spend time creating conceptual art all art is welcome on my pen, pencil, brush, wacom tablet, aerosol can of paint, and sculpting tools.

Jorge S. Bugallo

AFA, Visual Arts December 2011
County College of Morris, Randolph, NJ,
Dean’s List, GPA 3.5

Morris Knolls High School Diploma 2006
Rockaway, NJ

Studio Art 3 Honors Sophomore year 2003
Dover High School
Dover, NJ

Painted Murals, Portraits, Landscapes, Conceptual Art, and Abstract, Created Logos For Local Businesses, Concept Art for Indie Comics, Design work for tattoos and shirt businesses, PaleoArt
Here- Art Showing Itself off
Portfolio & Presentation Student Art Exhibition 2011
Sherman H Masten learning Resource Center
County College of Morris, Randolph, NJ

Chalk Art show in the Rockaway Mall 2002

Featured in Teen Arts Festival 2000-2003

Art featured in The Promethean2010-2011
Runner up in Jurassic Park Art Contest
High School Diploma
Art featured in two issues of an art magazine ran by Dover High school
Honorable Mention at Teen Arts Festival 2002
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