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April Fawcett

Freelance Screenwriter & Script Writer

Location:Woodland Hills, California, United States
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I am a Freelance Screenwriter. I started my career as a Page at NBC Studios in the mid-ninety's during the Friends craze and the Jay Leno Tonight Show take over. I worked my way up the food chain by landing a job with Steve Sohmer and Associates in the Mini-Series and Movie of the Week department. I started in the Research Department, then became a Ghost Writer and Script Doctor. This experience was amazing and taught me a lot about writing, dead lines and running a production company. I stayed there for several years and then made my exit in 1999. I finally got the nerve to start my own Independent Production Company, AprilRain Productions which specializes in low budget films and documentaries. I have been a Freelance Screenwriter, Ghost writer and Script Doctor for the past 14 years. I have several spec scripts floating around Hollywood looking for financing and development deals. I love writing, it is my true passion. It's the most exciting experience to create a script and have it come to life through character development and dialogue.

B.A. Communications - Columbia College Chicago
UCLA - Master's Screenwriting Program (2 years)
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Script Writing