Shanell Hill

Freelance Script Writer & Writer

Location:Stafford, Virginia, United States
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I am a previous mortgage professional with exceptional analytical skills. Prior to the Mortgage Industry collapse several years ago I had been employed as a Loan Processor with more than 10 years experience. After the collapse I decided to pursue some of my life long dreams one of which is creative writing. Since then I been solely focused on exploring and developing my writing talents on a more serious level. I have written 3 full length stage plays, 1 short play and I'm currently writing a screen play. I have a few other ideals that I'm working on as well. I write on them when not working on the screen play. My mind is flooded with material daily which keeps me writing daily. Character and situation creation and dialogue are what I would consider to be my strong suits, as well as inventive titles. My writing skills includes song construction from the lyrical side of song development. I have been eagerly searching for a position welcoming a writer who has not yet been employed in the entertainment industry. I believe that I would be an incredible asset to any writing team be it for Television, Internet or the Movies. This sounds like an awesome opportunity and I do hope to be taking into careful consideration when making a decision to build this writing team. Thank you very kindly and have a wonderful day!
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Script Writing