Vlad Khvilivitzky

Freelance Database Programmer & Programmer

Location:Concord, Massachusetts, United States
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Experienced software engineer with broad knowledge in n-tiered database application design, data warehouse dimensional modeling, and implementation of database access middleware in data-centric architecture. A self-starter motivated team player, technical solution provider, and results-oriented developer seeking a challenging position to meet business needs.


Languages: Java, JavaScript, DHTML, PHP, XML, Perl, UNIX scripting, PL/SQL, T-SQL
API’s: JDBC, JCo(SAP Java Connector), JDOM, JExcelAPI, JavaMail, eMatrix ADK
Databases: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Sybase, Informix, SAP, eMatrix
Modeling/ETL Tools: ERwin/ERX, Toad, MS SSIS, Informatica PowerCenter, WebLogic LiquidData
IDE’s: Visual Café, Visual Studio, JCreator, SQLDeveloper
Operating Systems: UNIX (AIX, Solaris, HP-UX), Windows (NT, 2000, XP)
Network: FTP scripting, SNA/sockets programming


Cobham, Lowell, MA (formerly MA-COM) 2008-2010
Database/ETL Developer
• Implemented data migration/conversion between Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL application systems to support a corporate merger. Duties involved writing specs for data mapping, validations, and conversions; programming database interfaces for data extraction, transformations, and loading (ETL); post-migration data verification and fine-tuning. Experience in metadata management, database API programming with Java, SSIS, and stored procedures port with PL-SQL/T-SQL.
• Developed web portal for company’s global suppliers. The portal featured collaborative supplier approval process through on-line smart forms submittal as well as access to orders, materials, and schedules data from heterogeneous databases. Performed business workflow analysis, system architecture, database design, SQL/stored procedures programming, and front-end development. Experienced in conceptual/logical data modeling with ERwin/ERX, physical schema development in Oracle/SQL Server, Java/JDBC/JCo/eMatrix ADK, JSP/JavaScript/DHTML.

Tyco Electronics/MA-COM, Lowell, MA 2001-2008
Database/ETL Architect
• Developed a corporate data warehouse application that provided users with a consolidated view of data from disparate legacy databases. Responsible for conceptual, logical and physical data modeling with ERwin/ERX, setting up XML-based metadata, stored procedures programming with PL/SQL, establishing ETL processes using PowerCenter and Java to access Oracle, SAP, eMatrix, and SQL Server databases, and interactive reports generation using JSP/JavaScript/DHTML.
• Proposed and implemented a suite of connection pools that allowed web applications and ETL processes to connect to an array of databases (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, SAP, eMatrix). Based on defined properties the pools adapted to changing traffic load dynamically, i.e. expanded, contracted, auto-recovered upon database failure, etc., allowing applications to access data efficiently, securely, and seamlessly. Experience in Java thread programming, XML metadata, and performance benchmarking under Tomcat/WebLogic servers.
• Proposed and implemented a database access library that enabled programmer community with standard, efficient, and intuitive means of accessing Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, SAP, and eMatrix databases. The library featured fast database access, object-relational mapping, and a variety of data management methods. The library masked underlying data access complexity allowing IT teams to create applications within shorter development time cycles at a lower cost. Experience in object modeling and API programming with Java.
• Implemented an Opportunities and Sales system that enabled marketing team to manage, analyze, and predict sale leads. Performed Java/JavaScript/JSP programming, Tomcat web application server setup, stored procedures under SQL Server, JDBC/JCo programming to access SAP tables/BAPI’s, as well as overall application architecture.
• Developed a website for corporate HR that enabled employees to access SAP Payroll and Benefits data. Experience in programming with Java Connector accessing SAP tables/BAPI’s, JSP, and HTML/JavaScript.

Independent Consultant 1996-2000
List of Clients: Nokia, State Street Bank, Raytheon, Liberty Mutual.
Provided clients with technical contributions in response to their business needs.
• Developed a middletier-to-backend Java interface that linked JMS queue with Oracle database. Responsibilities included setting up WebLogic server, establishing connection pools, and Java programming with JMS/JDBC.
• Developed an EDI processing system for scheduled inter-bank data transfers of trade notifications, account holdings, and daily transactions. Experience in object modeling, VC++/ODBC, database schema modeling with ERwin/ERX, stored procedures, and API programming with SQL Server and ODT (Open Data Transaction).
• Designed a Compensation Management system for sales tracking, plan maintenance, and distribution to chained corporate entities. Duties involved formalizing business requirements into conceptual model, data modeling of logical/physical schema with Erwin/ERX, rules engine design, and PL/SQL coding with Oracle.
• Implemented a library of programs to facilitate migration to SAP system. Experience in database API programming with C++ using OCI libraries, writing stored procedures in Oracle, and shell programming under UNIX environment.
• Developed code to allow for host-to-host execution of C++ code on remote systems. Experience in object modeling, database API coding, shell script programming, FTP scripts, and Sybase stored procedures under UNIX environment.

Fidelity Investments, Boston, MA 1995
Principal Programmer/Analyst
• Developed client/server application for Direct Mail system monitoring. Responsibilities included defining business and technical requirements, system design, conceptual and logical data modeling, coding stored procedures for business rules, writing UNIX/awk shell scripts for application monitoring and FTP macros for inter-server communication, as well as GUI development and reports generation. Experience in Sybase, PowerDesigner, SQL, PowerBuilder, and C programming.

Keane, Waltham, MA 1993-1995
Staff Consultant
List of Clients: NEC, Putnam Investments, John Hancock.
• Implemented a PowerBuilder GUI for an Oracle-based client/server application. Recreated a corrupted conceptual data model using reversed engineering process, generated reports, and provided various database maintenance functions. Experience in shell script programming, Pro*C/ODBC, PL/SQL, and SQL*ReportWriter.
• Performed an enterprise-wide business analysis and conceptual database design implementing transition to a client/server environment. Formalized business processes, defined system requirements, and performed logical data modeling using ERwin/ERX and MetaDesign tools.
• Provided technical guidance and support for Informix database functions. Responsibilities included SQL performance analysis, data management, database normalization, ESQL programming, report writing using SQL/ACE, and UNIX/awk shell programming.


B.S., Computer Science and Mathematics. UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS - COLLEGE OF PURE AND APPLIED SCIENCES, Lowell, MA. Dean’s List.
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