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I am a Professional Screenwriter and have worked in Film, TV & Animation and a Member of The Writer’s Guild of America.

I’ve had Experience in Hollywood as well as the Independent Film World and Europe. My Writing Life Adventures have taken me around the block more than a few times. I’ve seen the Good, the Bad and yes...even the Ugly.

I’ve Written for Fox, Disney, HBO, Dark Horse, Universal, Cartoon Network, New World Pictures, Sony-Tri Star, Vestron and more. Including The Beatles.

I'm an NYU Dramatic Writing Program Masters Graduate (selling my first few Scripts to Hollywood while still there). NYU was a Wonderful Experience and a Great Time in My Life .

I am known as a Creative, Left-of- Center, Eccentric and Good Character Writer. My work usually has plenty of Heart & Humor. Specializing in The Human Comedy that is a bit eclectic, offbeat and usually History based.

Much of My Work comes from a True Moment in Time that is usually Stranger-than-Fiction.

I have written a number of Screenplays, which have been Sold/Optioned/Developed.

Screenwriting is a tough game, a strange mix of Creativity and Craft. It is not something for the Faint of Heart but when it goes right and You create something Truly Special, Original and Unique, there is nothing like it.

I've developed a number of TV Shows, one of which Sony Tri-Star and Industry Entertainment and nearly set up at CBS. It is one of those Projects, that there is always interest in.

I‘ve Written for The HBO Series, TALES FROM THE CRYPT as well as writing a Movie which was shot for Hollywood Legend, Roger Corman. Beyond all the Live Action, I have done some Animation Writing - most notably THE REAL ADVENTURES OF JOHNNY QUEST for Hanna-Barbera and The Cartoon Network. I've also worked on several other less prestigious Animated Shows, some which were based in Europe.

I've also done a great deal of Rock & Roll Writing for Bands such as The Who, The Beatles Official Website, KISS, Motley Crue, The Woodstock Brand and more.

A List of Available Movie & TV Projects will be provided by request. All Projects are Registered with The Writer’s Guild of America and Highly protected by My Entertainment Attorney.

I look forward to Hearing from You.

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