David Towles-Moore

Freelance 3D Animator & Digital Artist

Location:Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Website: http://davidtowlesmoore.blogspot.com/p/n-animation.html
2 Skills
Demo Reel: vimeo.com/davidtowlesmoore/2013demoreel

Animation Employment Experience______________________

Animator Generalist: First Person Inc (5 months)

• GE "NDA" Demo
Animated Characters and produced walk cycles
Equipped existing character with a Doctor Coat rig
Modeled and rigged stethoscope, pen, clipboard, and glasses

• GE "B2b Platform" Demo
Animated Characters
IK/FK Rigged Character
Equipped character with IK/FK spine
Fixed Geometry and edge flow problems on character model

• Doremus: Muse Factory
Motion Capture Cleanup and Animation Enhancement
Lip Syncing, Facial Animation, and Facial Mo-Cap Enhancement
3d Set Modeling (1)
3d Prop Modeling (5)

• GE "Industrial Internet" Demo
Animated Character
IK/FK Rigged Character

• Skoll Foundation Conference Video
Camera Animation for 1 shot
FK Rigged a character
Setup hair for character using Cinema 4d

• Exablox Commercial
Responsible for all character animation
Character Model Enhancement
Built IK/FK character rig

Animator Generalist: “SuperFuzz” Short Film (2 years)
• Won 4 Film Festival Awards and featured at 10 Film Festivals
• I was the Animator, Director, Rigger, Modeler, Illustrator, Editor, Sound Artist Compositor, Fight Choreographer, Concept Artist, and Score Artist
• As Director, learned to evolve and adapt ideas around team of advisors and peers
• As Animator, developed an animation style specific to the film to maximize the entertainment and
experience of the audience
• Currently moving into a modeling/illustration merchandising phase for "SuperFuzz" and planning for a possible sequel

SuperFuzz Trailer available: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQ_TGcYp15I

Animator: "Glass Butterfly" VFX Short Film (1 month)
• I animated 1 shot of the protagonist butterfly under the direction of a lead animator and a producer


Lead Animator: “Junior Giants 2012” Short Film for the San Francisco Giants (9 months)
• 50 seconds of production character animation in final short film
• 30 seconds of marketing character animation in promotional featuring the aliens
• 15 seconds of cleanup animation
• Started out as a layout and finished as a lead animator

Jr. Giants Project Reel available: http://vimeo.com/davidtowlesmoore/jrg2012

Junior Animator: “Them Greeks” Short Film through Durga Digital and Red Giant Studios (2 years)
• Animation silhouette poses and testing via a rigging buddy program



Digital Programs: Autodesk Maya, After Effects, Photoshop, Z-brush, Logic, Illustrator
Art Skills: Animation, Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Photoshop Illustration, Music
Exposure to: Cinema 4D, Premiere, Macromedia Flash, Mudbox, Mental Ray
Learning: Python


1) "Organizers Choice Award" for "SuperFuzz" at the Filmstock Colorado. The award automatically forwards the film to be featured for the rest of the circuit at Filmstock Utah, Filmstock New Mexico, and Filmstock Arizona

2) "Best Animated Short" for "SuperFuzz" at the San Diego Indie Festival 8

3) Winner by audience choice for "SuperFuzz" at the Intendence Film Festival

4) Winner by audience choice for "SuperFuzz" at the 2012 Academy of Art University Fall Film Festival

5) Special Recognition Award at the Academy of Art University Spring Film Festival was given to the Junior Giants 2012 Animation Team for completing a remarkable 7 minute animation short for an outside non- profit client

6) Honorable Mention for modeling, rigging, and animation of a phoenix character at the Academy of Art University 2010 Spring Festival

7) Received first and second place awards for best art in the state; 2005 Mississippi Public High School Stroke of the Pen Art and Writing Contest.


B.F.A. Digital Art Arizona State University Spring 2009

M.F.A. 3D Animation Academy of Art University Graduated August 2012
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3D Animation
Digital Art