Torikul Islam

Freelance Television Producer & Journalistic Videographer

Location:Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh
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Md. Torikul Islam


Objective: To strengthen and ensure sustainable development efforts of the country through Media Organization.

Name : M. Torikul Islam

Date of Birth : 12 March, 1976

Father’ s name : M. Abdul Jalil Molla

Mother’ s name : Mrs. Saleha Khatun

Present and Mailing address: M.Torikul Islam

Road# 16

House# 6 (5floor)

Sector# 6

Uttra Dhaka Bangladesh

Permanent address : C/O-Abdul jalil Molla

Vill-Kismot Khulna ,

P/O-Naithatti sreerampur

P/S-Rupsha, Dist-Khulna

Contact telephone No.01711573811,

E-mail address:

Present Job description:

Now I have Been working as a Cameraman in International Television Channel LTD. (NTV) in Bangladesh since April2008 to till now.

Key Job responsibilities:

1. News and program camera operation.

2. Shooting of different indoor programs like talk show, discussion meeting,

magazine, drama, music video etc.

3. Out door shooting for news and report broadcasting.

4. Shooting Live programs on national and other issues.

5. Maintenance of video equipment.

6. Others assignment assign by the director.

In worldview International foundation, I had worked with some renowned TV media Personalities in home and abroad. I have also made 50 to 60 Video short documentaries

on Different social .Educational and woman and child issues.

I had also been working as a training assistant in Educational TV Training Course’ arranged by worldview international Foundation since the very starting of my appointment.

Important short video documentary made as Cameraman producer

a) Overview of women’s participation in the labor force in Bangladesh

b) Child marriage

c) Angela Gomes honoring an exemplary woman

d) woman in politics

e) Important of learning English in school

f) Caring for the adolescences etc

g) A city without polythene bag.

h) Living with arsenic etc

i) Assessment of stack real adjustment policy in khulna city

j) tornado 2005 Gibanda

i) Had been serving as a Cameraman in Channel-I” the fist digital Bangla satellite TV channel in Bangladesh since July 2002 to July2006

ii) Had been serving as a Cameraman in National television channel LTD(RTV) satellite TV channel in Bangladesh since august 2006 to may2007

iii) Had been serving as a Cameraman in CSB news the fist ‘24 hours news’ Bangla satellite TV channel in Bangladesh since June 2006 to march 2008

iv) Had been serving as a Cameraman in Bangladesh branch of Bangla TV, London .

v) I had also worked with participatory video training course arranged by ‘Uttaran’- a non Government organization in Satkhira as production Assistant.

Types of workung:

a) I have operated Camera on especially making of documentary film, news reporting.

b) Beside these, I also operate Camera in drama making, music video, discussion meeting, taking of interview and so on.

c) I have also took part a One and half month long course ‘25th Educational Television Program Production’ under Worldview International Foundation, Dhaka-a renowned leading International Organization in February,2002

d) I have operated Camera on coleus up on its a big sensing reality sow in Bangladesh 2005 .

e) I have operated Camera on coleus up on its a big sensing reality sow in Bangladesh 2006 .

f) I have operated Camera on coleus up on its a big sensing reality sow in Bangladesh 2008 .

g) I have operated Camera on Lux Cannel- I Super star reality sow in Bangladesh 2007, 2008

h) I have operated Camera on Meril prothomalo perfumes award in Bangladesh 2008 .

Live Telecast Experience:

Foot ball Near about 50 Football match in different Stadium in Bangladesh

Cricket Near about 30 Cricket match in different Stadium in Bangladesh

Camera operation :

a) BETACAM ------Model no-100p, 637, D-30, D-35.DGBata.

b) DV CAM ------Model no-DSR-200-300-370-390-400-450-570-D-50

C) MINI DV ------Model no-JVC-JY500, Cannon-XL-1-2 -170

NB. Also I can operate other latest models of video Camera.

Training on related field:

a) Took part in short basic course (Eighty House) on 24th Educational Television program production under worldview International Foundation, Dhaka a renowned leading International Organization in September, 2001

Special Output:

b) Magazines:

1. Ananada Ananda-a well popular Eid magazine.

2. Flop show- a popular weekly magazine

3. Aker Vitore panch-a monthly magazine

4. Pakhir kachhe Fuler Kachhe-a monthly program for the young children.

5. I-Sports-only one sports program in Channel-I

6. Gallery- only one sports program in NTV

c) Drama:

1) Boral parer showtli gram 25 episodes directed by Sydol anam twotul

2) Grohon-35 episodes directed by Kamal Khan

3) Ashtittya (The Existence)-26 episodes drama serial by Kamal Khan

4) Amader Gram Amader Shefali-60 episodes directed by Ashraf Ahmed

5) Biponno Shapno-a weekly drama by Rabiul Islam

6) Pereo bash- a weekly drama by Tara vi

d) Musical Program:

1. Ganer O pare-monthly Rabindra song musical program.

2. Shanchita- monthly Nazrul song musical program.

3. Keso kotha Keso gan

4. Bago and bagau

5. Music U funny

6. Couples of Live musical concert sponsored by Pepsi cola,Uro cola.etc.

Others experiences:

1.Since September,2001 to October,2002

I had been working as Cameraman in the Bangladesh Chapter of YATV(Young Asia Television), Srilanka-a subsidiary TV channel of Worldview International Foundation which mainly broadcasts and educational program for the young generation of the Asia pacific area.

Key Job responsibilities :

a) Camera Operation

b) Maintenance of video equipment

c) Making arrangement for video shooting

d) Making liaison with the government and non-government bodies

e) Any assignment assigns by the country direct

Course Based on:

i) Script/ video script writing.

ii) preparing storyboard.

iii) All the basics on Video Camera Operation.

iv) Basic TV lighting.

v) Video editing (Insert and Assemble).

vi) practical production (Script writing, shooting and editing)

Educational Qualifications:

SSC : 2nd Division Humanities under Jessore board of passing 1993.

Other qualifications :

e) I am able to edit the video items and already edited some sort of production like music video , documentary etc.

f) I am able to edit video film with the help of Adobe premier soft.

g) I am also at home in Computer Hardware engineering and got a certificate on Diploma in Hardware engineering from “COSMIC” a Computer Academy Dhaka.

Extra curricula activities:

i) Able to work hard under pressure.

ii) Making liaison with government and non-government organization Self motivated.

iii) able to drive micro-bus, car and motorcycle and have driving license.

Other information:

Nationality : Bangladeshi.

Religion : Islam.

Marital Status : Married.

Language skill : Bengali will satisfactory and English respectively al so Hindi


Torikul Islam