Mandi Croft

Freelance Creative Writer & Comedy Writer

Location:Sidney, Ohio, United States
2 Skills
Bachelor of Arts
* Individualized Planned Program, Area of Focus: Art and Marketing, Minor in English
* Secondary English Education Certification

Freelance Writer
* Write for multiple online freelance sites

English Teacher
* Taught 9th and 10th grade general English
* Taught 10th and 11th grade English online
* Taught junior and senior English in a vocational school setting.
* Taught Mystery Literature
* Taught Journalism I and II to grades 11 and 12
* Trained staff in technology tools for teaching,

* Utilized various online programs and resources to teach and assess students in an online school setting.
* Taught college preparatory, general and basic level courses to freshman students.
* Created a monthly school publication and a weekly publication for the local city newspaper
* Able to teach and work in PC and MAC environments
* Familiar with layout and design principles and techniques

* Assistant Director, Youth Violence Prevention Program
* Trained students, who were selected by schools participating, in Conflict Resolution/Peer Mediation.
* Worked closely with law enforcement agencies with the County Gang Task Force.
* Maintained appropriate records on juveniles who were at risk for gang activity and/or identified as a gang member.
* Trained in Court Mediation
Skills (2) Rating
Creative Writing
Comedy Writing