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Location:Providence, Utah, United States
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I am mahsa talepasand , I was born 4 december 1983 I m from iran Education: BA: decorative art , from 2003 since 2007 total mark 17 ,art university of kashan Subject of final thesis: wood figures (making wood statue its inspiration of one of old Iranian calligraphy named SHEKASTE NASTALIGH and use that calligraphy on body of wood figures ):mark 17/5 MA: illustration , from 2007 since 2010 total mark 18 :art university of Tehran Subject of final thesis: two/three dimentional illustration and application this in paper theater/toy theater ( to make known paper theater ,one of theater that use in this theater from illustration .this art unknown in iran since some years ago and none of book about this art is in iran exept the book that I translated (peter Baldwin) in this thesis and talked to some people that worked in this way in iran then I made a paper theater (fox and six chicken crew narrated by behrooz gharibpour) I used Iranian carpet designs on my dresses caractor Project work: I has teaching in university since 2003 to now (illustration and graphic design, packaging , poster design , typography , lay out, adobe photoshop, enviremental graphic design ) Made some paper theater for ALKOSAR TV named dara and magic book 2011
1-i am teaching illustration and graphic design since 2008 to now in university in iran
Iam supervisor/advisor of some thesis 1- Shahname illustration mythology and iran and its use in interior design baby room(BA) 2- its inspiration of nature and use its in interior design baby room (BA) 3- zal and roodabeh story and illustration it use from GHAJAR painting (BA) 4- illustration of LALY AND MAJNOON story( BA advisor ) 5- illustration inspiration of HAKHAMANESHI art ( BA advisor ) 6- illustration story of KOROSH KING( BA advisor ) 7- environmental graghic design 8- illustration story of quran my exhibitions: 1- painting exhibition in kashan university 2007
2- illustration exhibition in KHANEH HONARMANDAN Tehran 2011 (inspiration Iranian mythes in illustration) 3- illustration exhibition FAJR AFARINAN in Tehran 2009 4- illustration exhibition in KHANEH HONARMANDAN Isfahan 2011 5- illustration exhibition in art university of Tehran 6- printed my illustration in TAK magazine (12) 20 skils: illustration, painting, make sculpture , fretted, netted batic printing, vitray paining ( painting on glass), patineh(old maker), engraving on copper , word corel drew ,corel painter adobe illustration , adobe photoshop , sketch design , cut out, 3-i worked for som magazine for illustration som story of children for example ,salam bacheha ,poopak,kooshesh,keyhan bacheha magazine
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