Ryan Pierce (Rip)

Freelance Artist & Book Illustrator

Location:Anchorage, Alaska, United States
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I have spent the majority of my professional life as a welder/plumber after extensive training in the Coast Guard. But I have always been a cartoonist/illustrator by pure talent. I grew up watching and studying my good pal Chad Carpenter of Tundra cartoons here in Alaska.
I once was given a version of Flash editor and without any training or instruction was able to create a short (adult) cartoon about a character, Seaman Richard Stains. (Inspired by a guy in boot camp with the last name "Stain".) This is viewable at newgrounds.com and search for "Dr. Blueball Strikes again" You can see a lot more of my work on facebook under ripped art studio. I hope you find my illustrations entertaining. Check it out, you won't be sorry you did.
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Book Illustration