Jazz McGee

Freelance Songwriter & Audio Producer

Location:Rohnert Park, California, United States
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Jazz McGee, has been kicking around the music scene writing and playing music since the late 60's. In the rock & roll band "FOOTHILL" they heated up stages, opening for Canned Heat; Tower of Power; Jerry LaCroix & White Trash; & Johnny Winter & performing up and down the coast of California. Afterwards he helped organize a new power house original group in the Venice/Westside area: Small Fry. Songs were generally anywhere from 5 to 20 long, intricate & well thought out arrangements that carried the listeners from low rumbling boogies up to frenzied rock - often all in the same tune! They played to 1,000's packed into places they rented since the club scene of Madame Wongs & Club 88 were still years away. Recording their original tunes in several studios, they even backed some aspiring singers on their demo tracks.

In 1977, Jazz. then put together a new band with help from producer L. West Tuhoey & included 17 year old Louise Goffin, daughter of songwriters Gerry Goffin & Carole King. Jazz recalls they would rehearse in Louise's living room. Once during one of Jazz.'s songs, "mom" (Carole) popped her head around the corner with her eyes and mouth wide open - everyone stopped the music and their 4 part harmonies and were silent. Carole said "that was good... THAT was REALLY GOOD!" Sincerely impressing one of the best singer/ songwriters there is - in a private and intimate setting - with singing and songwriting has been a treasured experience for Jazz McGee
Today we find Jazz with several new musical releases, full of stories to entertain and capture the listener into the experience of the songs. All being recorded at Atmospirit Studios in the West Hills of Sonoma County, California, this collection of rockers, ballads, and even the odd country song will make you feel the connection to the songs as if the stories happened to you. He has also simultaneously released a number of Smooth Jazz instrumentals to sooth those so in need...
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