Haydn Lock

Freelance Cartoonist & Caricature Artist

Location:London, London, United Kingdom
Website: http://www.themagnificentmindofhaydnlock.com/
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I bear no resemblance to the musician, Franz Joseph Haydn. I am tone death, so that disabled any opportunities of a music career. Fortunately I still have an output for my creatively, this comes in writing and illustration. I am on a mission to get something published. So far everything I have done has been rejected, so I have setup a website to promote an awareness of my ideas. So please explore my website. Please forward it on to your friends to increase my popularity. Kind Regards Haydn

I am often asked where my ideas come from. The truth is from no where. My school teachers always told me I would get no where with my cartoons. To get no where takes some discipline. I have got no where many times and enjoy being there So how to get no where?. I let go of my worries and ignore the distractions of other people’s affairs. Nothing must disturb me. You see most cartoonist are already disturbed. I allow time to ponder. After a long day selling shoes, resolving customer queries and struggling to get by, desperately fighting to find my own space in the public transport system, my mind retreats in to a day dream. As I escape from the chatters of commuters and the grinding noises of traffic, I wait in a comfortably numb state of mind. Then a odd moment triggers some ideas. This moment could be a split second where a word amoungst the chitter chatters is said or a curious noise happens and then fiction washes over me. Then I need to be some where urgently. That place is home, where I barge past the wife, trip over one cat and kick the other, dive for the broken, used and abused lap top and CREATE.

Love light and peace.
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Caricature Art