Karly McCutchan

Freelance Illustrator & Digital Artist

Location:Amarillo, Texas, United States
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I create paintings, drawings, mixed media art and murals. KokoDiablo is the name of my
Etsy store, and I sell prints of my work, as well as coloring books that I have designed and created. My coloring books tend to be of a subculture theme, and are geared toward adults as well as children. I am interested in the use of prepared paper in my work, and explore this technique in depth with found object and mixed media artworks. I also strive to capture a sense of impassioned expression in my work, and that that expressiveness gives my work mood and character. My works are characterized by the use of everyday objects in an atmosphere of whimsy, and tongue-in-cheek interplays of chaos and color.

I have experience with Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. I will graduate with my Associates degree in Graphic Design/Print Media in December 2014.

I am inspired by artists from classic Matisse, Boucher and Modigliani to contemporary Marten Jansen and Cassandra Rhodin. Everything from pin up art of the 50's to Mexican folk art influence my work. As a body acceptance advocate I try to expose the pressures that society puts on a woman to look a certain way. I want to show, through my art, the struggle women face in reconciling what society says we should look and act like, and what women actually look like.
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Digital Art