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J. Perez

Freelance Editor & Fiction Writer

Location:New Jersey, United States
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When you hire me to edit your manuscript, I will thoroughly revise both grammar and sentence structure wherever necessary, with an equal emphasis on both style and clarity. I go beyond simply correcting minor errors, typos, and proofreading to help you become a better writer. My goal is to keep your voice intact and to unlock your book’s full potential.

I have over 10 years experience editing documents in the legal industry, editing books, and I have written 2 novels of my own. I accept Thriller, Fantasy, Mystery, Contemporary, Romance, Horror, LGBT, and all YA and MG. There may be exceptions for novels in other categories.

You may send me a few pages of your manuscript as a free sample and then judge for yourself the quality of my editing and how easy it is to work with me.

Once I receive your manuscript, using Microsoft Word's track changes and comments, I will thoroughly line edit each chapter, correcting punctuation, flow issues, typos, grammatical errors, word choice, ambiguous use of the word "it", and more. More importantly, I will also make stylistic improvements, including restructuring sentences wherever necessary. For novels and short stories, I also provide a critique, advising you about possible problems of plot, character, theme or structure. In an in-depth email, I will take the time to explain things to you and answer all of your questions. The fee also includes a second pass proofread.

I am flexible with fees. You can pay half up front and the balance on completion or pay by chapter. I charge 1 cent a word for line edits or 2 cents a word for both line and developmental editing for novel-length works, depending on the necessary edits. Certain works need more help than others.

All-inclusive developmental and line editing is 5 cents a word for works under 5,000. 3 cents a word for works between 5,000 and 50,000.

Please feel free to contact me anytime for an estimate.
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