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Tristan Greer

Freelance Animator & Digital Artist

Location:Tempe, Arizona, United States
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Tristan X. Greer

A diligent worker and a team player who understands the importance of a deadline. Goes above and beyond normal requirements to ensure client satisfaction. Exhibits calm, focused leadership when the situation requires it. A team player who produces high-quality work alone or with a group. Possesses keen attention to detail and has excellent recall. Quickly learns newer skills in traditional and digital formats when required and able to translate them to employers’ specifications. Excellent speaking voice and voice acting skills.

Professional Experience

Cranial Technologies, Tempe, AZ July 2012- December 2013
Image Processing Specialist

Used medical programs to measure the skull shape of infants to see if their level of deformity met insurance qualifications for our product. Also produced follow up reports that gave families a technical and visual representation of their child's progress. Took phone calls from our clinics in regards to expedited cases as well as error correction. Field tested newer methods of obtaining anthropometric measurement using medical 3d imaging devices as well as 3d modeling programs.

Worked well past normal duty hours alongside teammates to ensure company reached its shipping deadlines on time during the course of the year
Effort vastly improved their delivery time, thereby increasing customer satisfaction

Deli Quench, Phoenix, AZ March 2012
Food Preparer and Cashier

Disyal Funeral Home, Lebanon, TN June 2006
Freelance Painter

Provided color restoration of statues using various shades of latex acrylic paint

Regularly completed projects ahead of schedule and well under the projected budget.
Attention to detail and selection of high-quality materials vastly decreased vulnerability to elements
Quality of work also proved to be cost-effective, as the statues themselves did not require color restoration for a longer period of time than the previous paint job


“Da Bidey Bowphid Bowranguhs” (The Art Institute of Phoenix)
Team Leader, Key Frames, Audio & Concept August 2010

A four-minute traditional animation entry for Cartoon Boogie parodying the Mighty Morphin Power Ranger using both traditional and digital animation methods and techniques.

Led the team through the project, keeping them on task to meet critical deadlines while inspiring collaboration and creative freedom.
Result: a lighter yet more focused work environment that lead to many good ideas and better team cohesion.
Team earned the "Best Team Award" in the SIGGRAPH club's Animators Challenge.
“Uncle Beezybum” (The Art Institute of Phoenix)
Team Leader, Concept Ideas, Key Frames & Audio February 2010

A three-minute traditional animation entry in the Cartoon Boogie 72 Hour Animation Challenge. The project used both traditional pencil and paper methods as well as After Effects for compositing and audio syncing.

Leadership empowered teammates and fostered confidence, giving them the freedom to explore ideas in an open, collaborative setting
Team easily met competition deadlines while and presented an animation project that was lauded by the judges.
Efforts brought the team the coveted "Best Team Award" in the Animator's Challenge which was hosted at the end of the quarter

“Benny & Gill” SIGGRAPH (The Art Institute of Phoenix Chapter)
Audio, 2D support and development of storyboards Spring 2009

An Adobe Flash animation project involving the exploits of a crew lost in space on their way to battle.

Aided in the production of the voice work that achieved the desired performances of our cast.

The Art Institute of Phoenix (Phoenix, AZ)
Bachelor of Arts, Media Arts & Animation March 2012

Software: Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Encore, Premier, 3ds Max,
Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows XP, 7, 8; Apple Macintosh

References available upon request
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