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Tim Aymar

Freelance Music Producer & Audio Editor

Location:Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
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I'm seeking out talented artists to record and produce.

I'm also available to master your audio tracks.

I'm extremely helpful with vocal production and coaching.

I specialize more in progressive forms of music like Jazz, Rock and Heavy Metal, although real talent in any genre will get my attention and respect. I'm sure whatever you throw at me, I can get the sound that pays off.

I bring to the table:

33 years work experience in recording and performance as a Professional Songwriter/Vocalist.

23 years experience as a Private Instructor in Voice/Ear-Training/Music Theory/Beginner Piano/Guitar.

16 years experience as a Recording Engineer/Producer. 4 years internship + 12 years freelance.

16 years experience in Sales, Collections, Telemarketing, Customer Retention, and Office Management.

I work at my own studio and as a freelance producer in any studio contingent upon budget and target goals per project.

Send me your Electronic Press Kit (bio, photo, 2 or 3 demo songs or links to them on social media profiles or official band website) along with a brief cover letter.

Rates depend on your goals and needs. Contact me here, so we can discuss them.
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Music Production
Audio Editing