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David Gaither is a contemporary artist from Atlanta, Georgia. He is known for his expansive paintings, which combine warm, bright colors with innovative shapes, organic feeling/expression, contemporary technology and pioneering methods. David constantly experiments with various types of paints such as acrylic, composites, gouaches, etc., to bring new depths to his art. His paintings blur the boundaries of the figurative and the abstract; reality and fantasy.

A self-taught artist, David began his progression around the age of three or four. Over the years, he has worked in various genres of art, ultimately transitioning to unique methods reflecting his own style, as well as his heritage, culture and world travels. The unique methods involve a fusion of light with chromatic experimentation, where colors and shapes complement and contrast one another to create beautiful experiences. David crafts pieces of varying sizes, from large murals to smaller paintings. The theme of each piece guides the size and type of canvas, paints, and other materials and methods involved.

The artistic process for each piece is unique and original. On many occasions his pieces are crafted “free-form,” in which he approaches the canvas without any pre-determined theme. The entire process is pure improvisation, in which he never knows what the finished piece will look like, and the entire experience is about enjoying the creative journey.

On other occasions he may approach the canvas with a specific theme, such as a defining piece, a new series of pieces, a commissioned piece, etc. With many of these types of pieces, David employs an intricate process of sketching the conceptual theme beforehand, and then he creates an extensive color scheme/system for the various shapes in the respective piece. Some of these pieces contain thousands of shapes, so the process from start to finish may take a great deal of time.

David is currently exploring a style that he has coined “Maximalism,” in which he employs a myriad of intricate shapes and ultra-saturated colors, over-emphasizing the detail and infinite combinations of the respective shapes and colors. Pieces employing his Maximalism theme include the recent piece entitled "Infinite Maximalism." Other Maximalism pieces will be displayed in the near future. His aim with his Maximalism style is to take contemporary art to the next level.

As with his art, David has been an inventor since a very early age, and has patented various technological innovations, such as internal lacing mechanisms for various forms of footwear. In addition, David has also amassed an extensive body of inventions over decades which he plans to patent and develop at some point of time in his life.

For a more extensive collection of his art, please visit the Stuart McClean Gallery in Atlanta (Address: 684 John Wesley Dobbs, Suite A-1, Atlanta, GA 30312; Telephone: (770) 843-0264).
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