Catherine Downie

Freelance Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Location:Groton, Connecticut, United States
2 Skills

• Experienced, organized, and detail-oriented graphic designer with strong design, layout, composition, and typography skills.
• Expertise in managing Macintosh systems and a variety of graphic design software with the ability to rapidly master new software as needed. Software includes Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Quark Xpress, and Adobe InDesign. Additional experience with, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Flash, Adobe Acrobat Pro, Flight Check, Camera Raw, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.
• Skilled in Adobe Photoshop correction, restoration, and compositing
• Additional experience in black & white illustration, traditional and digital technical illustration.
• Personal photographic experience in both digital and film photography including black & white and color darkroom work.


Senior Graphic Designer • BLR—Business & Legal Resources, Old Saybrook, Connecticut • 2001–2012
• Created strong professional designs for publications, i.e., binder covers, booklets, and newsletters, for direct mail promotions, i.e., catalogs, flyers, and self-mailers, and for conferences i.e., brochures, postcards, and posters.
• Coordinated all design and art aspects of each project from concept to final format. Effectively managed multiple projects simultaneously on my own and with a team and delivered on schedule.
• Collaborated with the internet marketing department designing web ads, product landing pages, new addition web pages for the subscription websites. Additionally designed and coded basic HTML email promotions, and HTML email newsletters. Improved the quality of web based products and web promotions.
• Key contributor to effort of rebranding the company in 2001, 2008, and 2011. Synthesized the best of the team’s design ideas to form two of the final logo icon set.
• Implemented modern and efficient desktop publishing methodologies on older projects that had been transitioned from traditional design methods. Continued to revaluate the workflow as technology changed. Created numerous Photoshop actions to help increase productivity. Specifically, created actions that generated product images, for print and web, from a Photoshop template and the Quark Xpress artwork.
• Utilized stock photography, stock vector illustrations and original design elements to create unique imagery required in many projects.
• Digitally manipulated safety information booklet stock photos and custom illustrations that did not comply with OSHA safety regulations. My efforts on this project effectively saved the company an average of approximately $1500 per booklet to replace the images.
• Took the initiative to utilize my strong knowledge of the Mac platform to assist other Mac users troubleshoot computer problems, especially concerning specific design software and font management issues. This was especially valuable as the IT department primarily supported the Windows users and had limited knowledge of the technical needs of the graphic designers and production artists.

Graphic Artist • Kellogg Marine Supply, Old Saybrook, Connecticut • 1998–2000
• Designed and prepared for production, special weekly and monthly promotional sales flyers, and other promotional materials, utilizing Quark Xpress, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Utilized limited stock photography and original vector illustrations to create dynamic photographic composite and illustrative design elements.
• Assisted in production of the company’s 886-page supply catalog, including removing discontinued products and adding new product information and photographs.
• Responsible for photographing new products, using a digital camera, and creating clipping paths utilizing Adobe Photoshop, for final use in product catalog and promotional flyers that are distributed to retail marine outlets.

Graphic Artist & Illustrator • Sonalysts, Inc., Waterford, Connecticut • 1986–1998
• Delivered camera-ready manuals that adhered to government requirements by creating and using appropriate graphics, including tables, charts, flowcharts, diagrams, and other technical illustrations using traditional technical ink pens.
• Transitioned the workflow from traditional design methods to desktop publishing methods. This included converting all tables, charts, flowcharts, diagrams and technical illustrations into digital formats.
• Proposed, implemented and maintained a FileMaker Pro database of more than 2800 standardized technical graphics (artwork, diagrams, tables, etc.), which resulted in 50% (on average) productivity gain. Continuously updated the appropriate graphics in the database as the specifications changed. Communicated the general impact of the specific changes to appropriate individuals.
• Acted as Macintosh computer system expert, troubleshooting system problems for other employees.
• Took responsibility for training new team members in company’s procedures and computer techniques.


Graphic Artist • Rotary Club of New Briton-Berlin, New Briton-Berlin, Connecticut • 2013
• Responsible for creating a logo for a water ski show.

Graphic Artist & Member • Southeastern Connecticut Camera Club, Waterford, Connecticut • 2001–Present
• Currently working on designing a new website.
• Designed and produced newsletters, competition forms, flyers, and schedules, utilizing Quark Xpress, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Photoshop

Graphic Artist & Illustrator • Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Gales Ferry, Connecticut • 1994–1999, 2013
• Designing a commemorative book of the church’s history. Project includes a cover illustration, layout of content pages, compiling and, when needed, designing sponsor ads, and preparing the final file for printing.
• Designed and illustrated camera-ready special occasion mass programs for in-house or professional reproduction.
• Developed a professional logo for use in a new charity.


BFA in Advertising Design—Moore College of Art, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


How Design University Web Design Independent Study Present
Three Rivers Community College Continuing Online Education 2013—Creating Websites
How Interactive Design Conference 2011
In-house Flash Training 2010—Introduction to Flash
How Design Conferences 2005 & 2010
In-house Web Design Training 2009—Introduction to Web Design & Dreamweaver
Photoshop World 2007 & 2008
MacLive Conference 2006
Two Day Fireworks Training Class 2001—Introduction to Fireworks
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