Guy Parfitt

Freelance Proofreader & Data Entry Freelancer

Location:Perth, Western Australia, Australia
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ADDRESS: 4/97 Homer Street

PHONE: 9275 7094 or 0449 899 609

EDUCATION: Tertiary:

1 Certificate III in Information Technology (Software Applications & Networking), Challenger TAFE
2 Certificate II in Information Technology (Applications), Challenger TAFE
1 Mt Lawley Senior High School – completed Years 8 to 11
1 Mt Lawley Primary School – completed 1 to 7


Central Institute of Technology: 2010 to present, Stores Officer/General Hand/Internal Customer Service
Duties include:
• Sorting, organising and distribution of mail and other office related documents
• Processing and storage of Internal Requisition, Key Application and similar documents
• Liaising with and assisting large numbers of fellow employees regarding a broad range of activities
• Undertaking clerical/Administrative tasks and maintenance of a database
• Delivery of supplies, equipment and furniture throughout the campus and assisting with the unloading of delivery trucks and vehicles

Expertise gained includes teamwork, communication and organisational skills, and the ability to meet deadlines in a timely and efficient manner.

IGA Dianella: 2010, Nightfill Assistant, casual
Duties include filling and maintaining the presentation of stock; ensuring customers are served in a friendly and efficient manner; working cooperatively in a fast-paced team environment; repetitive lifting (sometimes heavy).

Woolworths Dog Swamp: 2007 to 2009, Nightfill Assistant, part-time
Duties included filling and maintaining the presentation of stock; ensuring customers are served in a friendly and efficient manner; working cooperatively in a fast-paced team environment; repetitive lifting (sometimes heavy).

Challenger TAFE: 2004 to 2009, employed on a casual basis to package and distribute the quarterly newsletter to over 3,000 clients. Expertise gained includes teamwork, communication skills, and ability to meet deadlines in a timely and efficient manner.

Popanyinning Paper Products: assisted in the selling of hand-made paper products and gifts, and aided in the set-up of market displays and provided general information to clients.

HOBBIES: Playing guitar
Writing short stories
Reading – fiction and history
All things regarding computers

REFEREES: Brooke Forward, IGA 9239 8056
Geoff Grapes, Central Institute of Technology 9427 1380
Camille Inifer, Popanyinning Paper Products 9851 1798
Kathryn Andrews, Musician 0401 352 090

Allow me to outline below a collection of some of the experience I have gained.

Demonstrated commitment to a customer focus to ensure the needs of clients are met

I believe my commitment to customer focus is exceptional. Part of my role at Woolworths and IGA required me to liaise with staff and customers to provide information on stock and general enquiries.

In my current position at Central I liaise daily with staff and colleagues. For example each day I receive requests for internal requisitions, the acquiring and distribution of keys, the booking of couriers both inter and outer state, the delivery of documents (sometimes sensitive) from one department to another and so on. I meet these requests with a healthy and friendly attitude, making sure that they are completed in a timely and efficient manner while also ensuring the service is of the highest quality.

Good level of communication and interpersonal skills

As part of a large team within my department and an even larger team, being the Central Institute of Technology, I have had a large amount of exposure in regards to communicating effectively and respectfully. One of my roles here at Central is that of internal customer service and as such I am constantly liaising with fellow staff as well as on and off campus clients to ensure that their needs are met. I always strive to deliver this service with a high level of friendliness, maturity and attention to detail, which I feel are the building blocks for a high level of communication and interpersonal skills.

Good level of communication and interpersonal skills relating to culturally and linguistically diverse people

One of my roles here at Central Institute of Technology, being that of internal customer service, means that each and every day I have cause to spend considerable amounts of time speaking with the members of each of the large variety of departments within the organization. As Central is not only an employer of culturally and linguistically diverse people but also runs a wide range of programs for students relating to languages, I am constantly communicating with those who’s cultural and linguistic background is not of my own. I have actually very much come to enjoy this and am always eager to communicate with people whose origins are diverse from my own.

Experience in the application of technology

I have comprehensive skills and experience in the use of computers and technology. As a gamer I have used a range of programs and devices and developed my hand/eye coordination as well as my keyboard skills. At Central I have further developed my skills using the office computers.

I have familiarity to one extent or another with many programs and services available on a computer. On a daily basis I prepare Word, Excel, Pdf, email documents and more for both myself and other staff here at Central, sometimes regarding sensitive matters. Occasionally I also undertake a data entry role and am always eager to learn new ways in which technology can assist myself and others in our daily work and even personal lives.

Capacity to work as part of a team

I believe my mature and pleasant disposition enables me to work well as part of a team. At Woolworths and IGA I was part of a large team working at a fast pace to ensure deadlines were met. I believe communication, respect and tolerance are essential when working as part of a team.

As part of a large team at Central, I always strive to ensure that I give the same level of quality in appearance and communication as I would expect to receive myself.

Problem Solving Skills

As some of my time is spent performing a variety of duties with minimal supervision, many times a day I am faced with a problem that has no obvious solution and nobody within the immediate area that I can call upon for assistance. It is at these times that my problem solving skills come into play.

For example; part of my current position is the receival of a large variety of couriered packages, documents and other goods. At times these arrive with little or even no information as to where or whom they are then to be delivered. This is when I apply my problem solving skills and use a variety of information to discern who the correct recipient is, whether that is by accessing a staff database, looking through records of past deliveries, records of purchases or just asking those whom I might believe it is intended for. This also applies to any problems within the mail sorting, internal requests and so forth. Through determination, a clear thought process and a systematic approach to solving any problem, I indeed do just that.

Demonstrated experience in the interpretation and application of guidelines and procedures

As not only an employee of an organization consisting of over one thousand other employees but also being within the internal customer service department that services those employees, there are definitely many guideline and procedures that I must interperate and apply. This ranges from the general guidelines of how we should act within the office and to one another to more select ones regarding processes like asseting of equipment, creation and handling on sensitive documents and items, purchasing guidelines and so on.
As one who believes in doing things the right way, the interpretation and application of guidelines and procedures is something that comes naturally.

Organisational and time management skills

In my previous employment as that of Nightfill Assistant, the teams that I was a part of were constantly pushed to increase efficiency and speed of the stock replacement, without lowering the quality. I very much took this on board and through the combined efforts of myself and others I was working beside, the teams I was with at both IGA and Woolworths became the highest carton filled per hour rate within the city, within the respective companies. In my current position at the Central Institute of Technology I am constantly on the go and have learned many more ways in which to better prioritise work and further develop my organisational and time management skills.
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