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Freelance Book Illustrator & Graphic Designer

Location:Seattle, Washington, United States
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I am a graphic illustrator by nature. Originally a fine artist studying Illustration at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in Denver, Colorado, I took my illustration a step further by introducing the digital realm while receiving my Graphic Design degree in Portland, Oregon. Using personal photography and traditional wet and dry media, I have merged all I know into realms of pixels and gamma. My interests lie heavily within the kingdoms of fauna and flora, forging them into images of natural history, folk art, fantasy, and the surreal. After 20+ years of professional dedication and a lifetime of personal fanaticism, I never tire of aspiring to create. Now as an artist in Washington State, I draw from as many elements as possible, and as much as possible. The ability to create is the greatest use of the human mind. I have been developing my style through years of inspiration from the Natural World.

All Items in portfolio have been copyrighted and all rights reserved.

A few of my Clients:
Stan Cheshir Architects
Leading Edge Sci-Fi Magazine
Rubicon West/ International
Holt, Rinehart, & Winston Education Company
Inspiration Software
Final Frontier Properties
National Meeting Company
Speculative Dinosaur Project online (SpecWorld)
Realms of the Imagination
Goodman Games
Becker&Meyer! Ltd.
Portland Children's Museum
Timberline Software
Rob O'Lenic Design
Publications International Ltd.
Oregon Zoo
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Book Illustration
Graphic Design