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Frank DeGrazio

Freelance Event Photographer, Advertising Photographer, & More

Location:Worcester, Pennsylvania, United States
Phone: 484-362-8699
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My unique perspective on nature and still life photography has come to me as a gift. I see beauty in the smallest detail; from an icicle forming on a dormant tree branch, to the adventure of exploring an abandoned farmhouse, I find depth and light in the shadows that surround me. A creaking spiral staircase, an old doorknob, a dark hallway. These are all my canvas to capture and share. I take hikes and find myself standing on a frozen riverbed beyond a waterfall while the water flows furiously beneath me. While the thaw at the edge is only feet away. My explorations are an opportunity for viewers of my photography to take them to where they would never go. I have a great eye as well, for photographing details in antiques and other products by capturing their uniqueness in a manner that portrays accuracy in every detail.

My camera is with me at all times, and most recently I captured community devastation due to a deadly ice storm and power outages. While the sights that I have seen are heart wrenching, it brings home the force that mother nature can lay upon us all. Animal photography is also something that I enjoy...a puppy dog playing, a bunny rabbit munching on spring greenery or the heard of deer prancing through the field or standing to reach an apple that is high atop a tree, I find beauty in all of these things and I hope you enjoy viewing my collection. As I continually update my work here, I look forward to your comments and suggestions.

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You can contact me at or by calling 484-362-8699