Fakhar e Alam

Freelance Ad Designer & Logo Designer

Location:Brooklyn, New York, United States
2 Skills
1. Managing the team of Art room for any advertising campaign or Publishing Material.
2. Visualizing and concept developing of graphics through multiple sketches.
3. Operating following soft wares by utilizing their maximum features, both on Windows and MacOS.
a) Adobe Indesign
b) Adobe Photoshop
c) Adobe Illustrator
d) CorelDraw

4. Preparing the approved designs for offset printing i.e. making of designs for postscript printers to get four-color separation and also supervising the work in Offset printing setups.

On creative side I am confident to work on following items;
a) Logos / icons / stationery
b) Posters
c) Magazine Ads
d) Press Ads
e) Brochures
f) Book titles
g) Labels / Packs / stickers
h) Calendars
i) Hoardings / Billboards
j) News Letters
k) Magazine
l) Out Door Campaign
m) Planners
While developing a design my emphasis is on graphic based concepts rather than typography. I only prefer typography while there are least possibilities of graphics. I put my ultimate efforts on layouts to get unique, simple and eye-catching designs.
For different design projects I choose my work place in one of the following vector and raster based software;
a) Adobe Illustrator
b) Corel Draw
c) Adobe Photoshop
d) Adobe Indesign
I utilize their maximum features according to the requirement of design projects. I only use raster-based software Adobe Photoshop for editing the scanned images. After editing I simply import/place the edited images in one of the vector software mentioned above. Hence I prepare vector files embedded by raster images for desktop printer and out put devices like image setters.
Only for logos I develop my design through multiple freehand sketches to achieve the required curve. I just scan the sketches, convert it into vector graphics with pen / Bezier tools and hence shape up the final design.

a) Photography (Products, Nature and Wildlife)
a) I have very good control over pen / Bezier tool because of my ability to draw freehand sketches. Due to which I can easily work within the companies, in which main task is converting the raster images into vector graphics.
b) Good expertise in editing the images within Photo Shop e.g. cropping, clipping, feathering, touching with rubber stamp tool and healing brushes.
c) Making (Pre-Press) of final designs by adjusting crop marks, bleed size, matching the colors through color charts. Taking decisions for the number color plates for offset printing. Choosing different formats for different designs.

Nov. 2000 to Jan. 2002
Worked as a Graphics Designer, in Artsmith Advertising Agency Islamabad.
Mar. 2002 to Jan. 2003
Worked as a Graphics Designer, in Grapevine Communications Consultants Islamabad.
Aug. 2003 to Dec. 2004
Worked as Graphics Designer, consultant to Palas Conservation and Development Project.
(Project of European Union)
Mar. 2005 to May. 2006
Worked as Graphics Designer, in Orient McCann Erickson Advertiser in Islamabad.
Jun. 2007 to Oct. 2012
Worked as Graphics Designer, in Pakistan Wetlands Programme, WWF-Pakistan.
Jan. 2013 to Oct. 2013
Worked as Art Director, in Compass Communication Islamabad
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Ad Design
Logo Design