Nicole McCall-Wanger

Freelance Graphic Designer & Print Ad Designer

Location:Springfield, Illinois, United States
Phone: 2178239422
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Growing up in small town USA (aka Nokomis, IL) not only provided my childhood with endless amounts of boredom, but also time to address my urges to doodle, sketch, and color everything in sight, including my mother's bedroom walls.

These frequent outbursts were soon tamed when I began participating in art classes, clubs, yearbook staffs and design teams throughout middle and high school. So when everyone else was taking the "big leap" and deciding what they were going to be when they grew up, I was already enrolled as a Graphic Design major at the local community college.

An Associates degree in design and a few web/photography classes later, and I was loading up my car and heading to Eastern Illinois University. There I received a BFA in Graphic Design as well as a strong understanding in interactive & web design.

Now...It's time for the real world and all the fun that comes with it. I am currently employeed at Systemax in Springfield, IL as a designer. At Systemax I am part of a small design team that not only provides the companie's clients with marketing and advertising solutions as well as branding services, but also handles all of the internal design work for Systemax itself.
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Graphic Design
Print Ad Design