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Tiffany Nelson

Freelance Caricature Artist & Portrait Artist

Location:Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Phone: 651-304-7767
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I currently do freelance portrait work as well as illustration and writing pertaining to mental illness part-time in hopes of becoming more official and creating a single-person art company called Raleigh the Bird. I want this company and my creations to act as a perspective on mental illness. I hope to share my experiences and those of others through portraits, illustrations and writings as well as provide resources and discussions to spread education, treatment and advocacy. Currently, I am in the process of creating a blog that holds the work and information I have thus far. This is the first significant step in officially starting up Raleigh the Bird, networking and sharing my art and resources with the world.

I am also deeply interested in teaching art to spread a love and appreciation for the traditional art-making techniques as well as using art creation as a treatment and healing technique for anxiety, depression and other forms of mental cloudiness. I hope to work with folks of all ages coping with mental illness, especially schizophrenic young adults, in some sort of artistic context. I am not sure what I want that to look like yet so I am working on gaining art-making and teaching experiences within the community to slowly figure that out. Ultimately, I want to enter into a graduate program for teaching licensure and art therapy.

I am in search of any and all sorts of fine arts opportunities, big and small, to build my portfolio and gain fantastic experiences teaching in hopes of entering into a teaching certification/ licensure program and art therapy! I hope to work with folks of all ages coping with mental illness, especially schizophrenic young adults.

Portrait and mural creation, book illustration and writing, residential and fine arts painting, drawing instruction, leading craft and art creation sessions, studio maintenance, etc.
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Caricature Art
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