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My name is Tessa, and I am a music student with plenty of English-Writing coursework. My dream at one point was to become an editor, and I would still love to be. I was attracted to your posting as soon as I saw the word "novel", and once I saw that it was a fanfiction, my desire to be hired increased tenfold.
I have been reading on fanfiction.net for about ten years now (Harry Potter, admittedly), and being a reader myself, I know exactly what annoys readers and what formats are the most popular and legible. That being said, I was also a teaching assistant for a college writing course and am extremely nit-picky. I know how simple misspellings can throw off readers and make the story lose legitimacy points.
I do hope you'll consider me. Depending on how long your chapters are, it should only take an evening. I know you said no rush, but if your story is very popular, readers will be haranguing for the next chapter.
If you would like, I can also offer constructive criticism on the story itself, or I can stick to formatting, etc. By reading the first two chapters, I already think you could use some more dialogue. Great paragraphs though; as a reader, I can't stand giant walls of text.
As for pay, I would honestly take anything over minimum wage. However, I would consider an entry level editing position to be $12-15 an hour.

Let me know, and thank you!
Tessa Bailey
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