James Overton

Freelance Photo Editor & Photographer

Location:Barrie, Ontario, Canada
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James Overton
157 Fox Run, Barrie Ontario | L4N 6E3
416 433-3877

Professional Profile__________________________________________________

• Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in visual arts and photography.
• Computer literate and very effective with most programs including Adobe Photoshop, Aftereffects, and Soundbooth.
• Experience in crafting tasks including woodworking, metal work, glass, welding, with a high knowledge of practical applications of tools and material manipulation.
• Very social and outgoing.
• High knowledge of photographic tools and techniques along with in-field experience.


2007: Diploma with honors. Saint Josephs High School 2004-2007
2011: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography. Ryerson University 2007-2011

Professional Experience_______________________________________________
2011: Photo Retouching and Editing, Independent artist Juli Zall. Toronto Ontario Canada
• Use of programs like Adobe Photoshop to repair and alter large numbers of images.
• Professional freedom in determining editing format and stylization.
• Adherence to deadlines and practical hours.

2010-2011: Graphic Design and Photography, Hamilton Music via Josh Dawson. Hamilton, Ontario Canada.
• Provide graphic design and photographic record of live events.

2007-2011: Guest Lecturer, Saint Josephs High School via Melissa Hachkowski. Barrie Ontario Canada
• Provide lessons and personal experience about university life and photographic processes.
• Teach short lessons on photographic equipment.
• Engage in student work, providing academic critiques and possible means of improvement.

2010: De-installation Manager, The Human Subject Exhibition via Katy McCormick. Toronto, Ontario Canada.
• Provide up to date news on the status of the exhibition to members of the de-installation crew.
• Maintain contact with other teams in order to provide for an effective de-installation process.
• Take down and handle fine art and carefully prepare them for transportation and distribution.

2010: Reception, Photosensitive 20th anniversary exhibition Via James Burns. Toronto, Ontario Canada.
• Provide standard reception services including guest-list procedures and book distribution.

2009-2010: Dance Photographer, Keeping Time Dance via Kasha J. Pinel. Hawkestone, Ontario Canada
• Keep photographic record of major events.
• Provide Detailed information on images, including any significant changes made in post-processing.
• Make images accessible to dancers and patrons.

2009-2010: General Staff, Four Cedars LCBO via Simon Sieff. Minesing, Ontario Canada.
• General maintenance and security.
• Opening and closing tasks.
• Customer service including directing and sales advice.

2009: Graphic Design and Photography, Four Cedars LCBO via Simon Sieff. Minesing, Ontario Canada.
• Provide graphic design options as well as photographic services.
• Use graphic design and photographic imagery to produce an advertisement for the local business.

2009: Public Support, Portfolio 11 publication via Don Snyder. Toronto, Ontario Canada.
• Provide insight into the internal affairs of the publication process.
• Report majority viewpoints into the direction and style of the publication to the project leader Don Snyder.

2008: Sales Associate, Boathouse Row Clothing. Barrie, Ontario Canada.
• Customer service including directing and sales advice.
• Cleaning, stocking, and rearranging of clothing items.
• Merchandise sales and in-store advertising.

2006-2008: Management Staff, New York Fries via Aaron Patterson. Barrie, Ontario Canada.
• Provide supervisory role in leading the staff during times of heavy operation.
• Maintenance procedures, including mechanical work on vital equipment.
• Opening and closing procedures.

Exhibitions and Publications___________________________________________

2011: Maximum Exposure via Gladstone Hotel. Toronto, Ontario Canada
2011: Function Magazine via Ryerson University. Toronto, Ontario Canada
2011: Steamwhiste Exhibition via Steamwhistle Brewery. Toronto, Ontario Canada
2010: Holiday Show via IMA Gallery. Toronto, Ontario Canada
2010: Max Ex via Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts. Toronto, Ontario Canada
2010: The Human Subject via Ryerson Gallery. Toronto, Ontario Canada
2009: Portfolio 11 via Ryerson University. Toronto, Ontario Canada
2009: www.portfolio11.ca via Ryerson University. Toronto, Ontario Canada
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