Orane Hamm

Freelance Flyer Designer & Video Producer

Location:Brooklyn, New York, United States
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I am a college student at who is looking to utilize my writing and communication skills gathered through out my three years of university to make a little extra cash to supports my needs, feel free to give me a chance

Current Address Email: oranehamm@hotmail.com

Address: 1120 Loring Avenue,Brooklyn ,New York

Work Experience: YP Seaton and Associates (Jun. - Aug. 2007) - (Jun. - Aug. 2008)

YP Seaton and Associates (Aug. 2011)

R&M Fabrics (Dec. 2008)

R&M Fabrics (Dec. 2009)

Teach The Youth Summer School Programme (Jul. 2011)

Areas of strength include:fast typing 34 WPM Adaptability, Fast worker, Good decision maker.

Education: The University of Technology, Jamaica (2010-2012)

Apex Techical school (2013-present)

Meadowbrook High School (2003-2010)

Shortwood Practicing Primary and Junior High School (1998-2002)

Qualifications: CXC, Associate Degree

Industrial Technology (grade 1)

Principles of Business (grade 2)

Social Studies (grade 2)

Technical Drawing (grade 2)

English Language (grade 2)

Mathematics (grade 3)

Physics (grade 3)


Information Technology Unit 1 (grade 4)

Information Technology Unit 2 (grade 4)

Economics Unit 1 (grade 5)

Economics Unit 2 (grade 4)

Communication Studies (grade 5)

Caribbean Studies (grade 5)

Sociology Unit 1 (grade 5)

Sociology Unit 2 (grade 4)

Geometric and Engineering Drawing (grade 4)


Associate Degree in General Studies

Interest/Hobbies: Writing, Sports,Cycling, Reading and Drawing

References: Available Upon Request
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Flyer Design
Video Production