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Freelance Editor & French Translator

Location:Ewing, New Jersey, United States
Phone: 609-882-5852
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Well qualified to perform a range of editorial services in the forms of copy editing, revising, repurposing, proofing, and fact checking that, together with error reduction to 0%, truly constitute a quality assurance review and enrichment of the content of both print and online text in a variety of subjects across industries. A multilevel resource person whose deep editorial talent, character, dedication, capability, and adaptability have saved employers and private clients both time and money. Verifiable record of achievement in the material elevation of levels of written communication and able to make meaningful contributions on the job to meet both today’s and tomorrow’s needs. Recognized and cited by managers and clients as a sophisticated, superior performer. Thorough knowledge of AMA, AP, APA, and Chicago styles and standards.

- Passionate copy editing, content editing, and proofreading
- Meticulous copy fitting
- Persuasive editorial strategizing
- Spot-on fact checking and researching
- Modernization of house style
- Expert revising/rewriting/repurposing
- Personable training of editorial staff; peer educator
- Typesetting and typing at 75 words per minute

- Advanced mastery of spelling, grammar, syntax, cohesion, organization, and punctuation.
- Critical abilities
> To act firmly and responsibly, thereby ensuring editorial integrity, style consistency, clarity, and accuracy of content;
> To get it right the first time every time via informed and intelligent editorial review;
> To make concise suggestions that improve text while preserving the author's voice;
> To exercise flexible, incisive, and independent judgment; and, as second nature,
> To meet the deadlines of projects with conflicting demands.
- Flexibility to apply various house styles.
- Electronic editing and formatting.

Read, write, rewrite, edit, proofread, and translate English, French, and Spanish.


WORLDWIDE INDEPENDENT EDITORIAL CONSULTANT/FOUNDER/OWNER, EditAmerica, concurrently with full-time corporate positions, Ewing, NJ; 01/90-present
Editorial services across industries. Known as an effective editorial coach and written-communications adviser and strategist. Builder of compelling and irresistible brands by facing client business leaders at multinationals and start-ups that solicit EditAmerica's partnership to achieve their publishing goals in innovative ways for print or online material. Client list on the Web at
Subject and Topic Areas:
- Business: Accounting, advertising, business plans, collateral promotional material, company annual reports, employee compensation and benefits handbooks, executive biographies, SEC Forms 10-K and 10-Q, high finance, human resources, interviews, law, legal notices, magazines and other periodicals, marketing material, mass communications, press releases, promotional and public relations material, requests for proposal, Sarbanes-Oxley, speeches, white papers
- Education: Biology, chemistry, engineering, English as a foreign language, English grammar, foreign language, history, mathematics, and social studies textbooks for elementary, secondary, and higher education; instructors' guides and manuals; SAT prep books; surveys; tests for teacher certification
- Medicine: Biomedical, nursing, and surgical textbooks and textbook series; clinical trials; continuing medical education (CME); health care; learning disabilities; life sciences; medical and pharmaceutical advertising; patient retention and education; peer-reviewed scientific journal articles and manuscripts; pharmaceutics; pharmacology; physician prescribing and safety information, patient information inserts, and drug labeling according to FDA guidelines; regulatory compliance; slide kits
- Technology: Aviation reports, biotechnology, communications technology, computer literature and training materials, high technology, science, technical user's manuals
- Other: Scholarly and academic works: bibliographies, college view books, curricula vitae and resumes, directories, dissertations, essays, memoirs, reference books, religious treatises; cookbooks; drama; fiction and nonfiction; surveys; travel guides

ENUMERATOR (census taker), US Census Bureau of the U.S. Department of Commerce, Ewing, NJ; 04/10-05/10
Conducted in-person interviews to gather 2010 census information from nonresponding households.

SENIOR EDITOR II, Educational Testing Service, Princeton, NJ; 07/04-04/09
Edited, proofread, and made sensitive editorial judgments about high-stakes academic test questions for undergraduate and graduate school admission; test questions for teacher certification; and other testing products, reports, and collateral publications, all of which were of a difficult, complex nature. Resolved dissenting editorial opinions. Maintained house style guide. Liaison across departments. Cited by management for superior performance.
- Exceeded company's processing target of 48 items per day by processing 90.
- Guided and coached editorial staff.
- Shaped editorial style guide for consistency and modernized style and usage.
- Regularly consulted by all company staff on language and writing issues.
- Remediated fatal errors of fact in test items.

COPY CHIEF AND HEAD COPY EDITOR, "Bloomberg Markets" magazine (Bloomberg L.P.), Plainsboro, NJ; 09/94-02/04
Copyedited, fact-checked, and final-proofread magazine articles. Revitalized copy and refreshed house style, thereby helping develop circulation for flagship monthly financial periodical for high-end financial professionals and subscribers to the Bloomberg Professional electronic financial service. Helped hire and motivate editors and build their skills and relationships.
- Reduced print error rate to a flat 0%.
- Simplified and standardized editorial procedures to eliminate the time and expense of reproofing.
- Saved quantifiable production costs, for bottom-line financial gains via a 300% increase in circulation, a 200% increase in number of advertisers, and a resultant 200% increase in amount of revenue.
- Eliminated editorial defects in the company's marketing, promotional, and advertising material via implementation of an interdepartmental task-sharing system of team quality control procedures. Results maximized editorial contributions.
- Resolved language usage disputes by serving other departments as a consultant; Results were consistent and correct diction, styles, and usages in publications.

- Senior Proofreader, Peterson's Guides, Princeton, NJ. Reduced print error rate 25% at publisher of academic college guides.
- French-Language and Spanish-Language International Correspondent, McGraw-Hill, Hightstown, NJ. Interpreted intricate publishing documents in French and Spanish and drafted correspondence in English and French.
- Supervisor, Aetna Life & Casualty, Providence, RI. Supervised 12 group insurance department underwriters, with the benefit of no turnover for three years.

White Belt, Lean Six Sigma, March 2014
B.A. (BA); French, Spanish; Queens College, Flushing, NY

- "An American Hedge Fund," Sykes.
- Company annual reports and U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Forms 10-K and 10-Q variously for AMETEK, Amgen, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Mental Health Association of New York City, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and Xerox.
- "Cooking Fresh from the Bay Area," McManus and Rickard.
- "Cooking Fresh from the Mid-Atlantic," McManus and Rickard.
- "Eating Fresh from the Organic Garden State," McManus.
- "Global Entertainment and Media Outlook, 2012-2016," plus the eight previous annual volumes, PricewaterhouseCoopers:
- "A Guide to Forensic Accounting Investigation," Golden et al., PricewaterhouseCoopers/Wiley:
- "Hammarskjold: A Life," Lipsey.
- "Hopewell: A Historical Geography," Hunter and Porter.
- "Macroeconomic releases and the interest rate term structure," Lu and Wu, Journal of Monetary Economics:
- "Meaningful Use of Electronic Health Records," PricewaterhouseCoopers:
- "Paralegal," Bernardo.
- "r&c worlds express," retail and consumer business series, PricewaterhouseCoopers:
- "Technology Forecast," a quarterly journal, PricewaterhouseCoopers:;

Three 2011 American Graphic Design Awards for editorial excellence:

Volunteer editor, pro bono editor, literacy tutor, high school career day seminar speaker, news recorder for the blind, hospital and charities volunteer
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