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Ella Ahlers

Freelance Book Illustrator & Illustrator

Location:Durbanville, Western Cape, South Africa
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Ella does freelance illustrations for educational purposes, as well as children storybooks. Her line and wash illustrations have a watercolor feel to them, with strong, vibrant colors. She prefers brushes, dip-pens and watercolor paper to computerized illustrations.

She has a passion for the West Coast of South Africa, where she resides. The wide open spaces of where river, sea and land meets, offer her a rich variety of subjects to paint.

• A routine day will find her taking care of her family in the morning before driving round the countryside after lunch to find an inspiring scene. Using her own large handcrafted canvases, she will start off en plein air, taking photographs and memorize the fleeting moments light create. When the notorious coastal wind begins to blow she heads back to her studio and continues working well into the night, finishing the artwork by combining memory, photographs and creativity. She enjoys detecting and creating patterns whether they are of water-reflections, architecture, or crop fields.

• Her paintings have found their way to private collections all across the world including countries like the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and England.

• “Art is a science, color a field that would take one years and years to discover and master. Art principles are meant to be followed and improvised, not neglected and abandoned for the sake of “everything goes”. It is a rewarding and fun, yet serious business. Art collectors put their trust in you, and that trust has to be nurtured. It is hard to make a living from art; I suppose it has to be a calling of sorts
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