Alex Kerhulas

Freelance Book Illustrator & Comic Artist

Location:Northridge, California, United States
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Alex Kerhulas

Biography and Education:
- Born in Northridge California, 1988

- Graduation diploma, Cleveland High School 2007 with major emphasis in Illustration, film, and Graphic arts.

- I am always practicing and mastering my art skills within my home and friends studios.

- My main focus and emphasis has been penciling, inking, coloring comic art and storyboard art.

Experience and Work:

- Painted sets for my High School film classes for various projects and assisted in teaching with my Illustrative/Animation arts teacher in the Media Academy department. Accomplishing such duties as planning class projects, hand building movie sets, teaching course outlines and guidelines to grades 9-12.

- I have created personalized tattoo designs for friends and clients. In the process of creating my independent clothing line labeled, “AbleYourself.”

- Attendance in over 14 different art and painting classes growing up since the age of 9.

- 2007/2008, Group Exhibition, Summer Madness Murals, Reseda CA

- 2009, Exhibition for Comic Book and Story Development course completion at Pasadena Center of Art and Design.

- 2010, Solo Exhibition, Able Yourself fundraiser, North Hollywood CA

- 2011-2012 part time framing, delivering and handling fine art in Private Studios

- I am currently advancing myself to courses at CalArt in Valencia. I am always looking to expand and improve my skills and will always search to improve and build my experience in any way I know; even in circumstances/situations in which I am not used to or comfortable with. “The only source of knowledge is experience.” Albert
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Book Illustration
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