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Abram Pompilus

Freelance Marketer, Videographer, & More

Location:Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
Phone: 954-371-3916
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In this day and age, delivering a high quality visual service is only half of the marketing process. Being able to deliver the whole Video Experience and generate maximum engagement is what clients really want!

Hello my name is Abram Pompilus and my life's mission is to deliver a service that will impact the lives of people.

I carry out this mission through the power of Videography, Photography, Strategic Marketing and Being Authentic. My clients should know that I'm a visionary, so I always keep the end result in mind. Also, I take pride in building DEEP rooted relationships where we all can grow and benefit from each other.

Those skills fuel my the confidence to face any situation with a positive mindset!

Feel free to contact me about future possibilities or if you wish to just to talk over a cup of coffee.