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Seeking an opportunity to build a ground-up geographically distributed Information Technology team, infuse an existing team with modern open source architecture, or join an established open source team focused on delivering high-quality solutions.
My passions have focused on bringing open source technology to both brick-and-mortar and online industries, enabling them to reduce costs of doing real business while giving employees effortless tools to enhance processes as well as increase efficiency and quality. Twenty years of experience in all facets of Information Technology including Information Security, all levels of Networking, Software Development, Project Management, and IT Leadership at the executive level enable me to quickly adapt to a variety of tasks.

Senior Devops Engineer & InfoSec Lead, Sonian, Inc.
Boston, MA — 2012-present
Sonian delivers Information Archiving and Search in the Cloud to a wide customer base, both large and small. From Fortune 500 companies to small businesses around the globe, we provide a vital disaster recovery and legal compliance service, leveraging multiple clouds to enable industry leading uptime and maintain a resilient store for sensitive data.

* Designed and deployed Central Logging infrastructure for aggregation of all system and application logs, including search and archiving capabilities, event notifications, and anomaly detection.
* Created Information Security team, focusing on overcoming the challenges on InfoSec in an all-cloud environment.
* Designed and authored event-driven vulnerability penetration and threat assessment system.
* Developed software lifecycle management processes, including SCM workflow based on git and configuration management with chef.

Director of Information Technology, NRS
Carrollton, TX — 2007-2012
Nationwide Recovery Systems is a premier debt recovery company, focused on Commercial, Consumer, and Health Care accounts receivable services. Utilizing modern systems and practices while maintaining strict adherence to the regulatory environment mandated for debt recovery, they improve the financial performance of their clients.


* Reduced overall IT budget as percentage of revenue by 50% from 15% (2007) to 7% (2012)
* Led development of 24 internal and external applications, replacing commercial and legacy in-house software with resilient interconnected applications with backend data aggregation.
* Authored Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan, as well as GLBA, HIPAA, and SOX compliance documentation.
* Replaced Avaya Definity PBX with in-house engineered open source replacement.
* Replaced manual ETL procedures with a custom ETL framework, streamlining data import, export, and reducing data errors.

Chief Information Officer, Rapid Reporting
Fort Worth, TX — 2002-2007
Rapid Reporting is the industry leader in Identity and Income Verification for the U.S. mortgage industry. We began as a small group of 7 and grew to over 100 employees during my tenure. By implementing Lean Principles in both business and technology, we were able to deliver quality and value to our partners and clients, enabling them to safeguard loans from fraud.


* Reduced overall IT budget as percentage of revenue by 25% from 12% (2002) to 8% (2005)
* Managed construction of 24x7 E-commerce data center, increasing capacity while lowering overall hosting expenses.
* Led development of all internal and external applications, replacing commercial and legacy in-house software with a single open-source architecture, accelerating development speed and decreasing costs.
* Developed Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan, as well as GLBA Compliance documentation.
* Acknowledged as Mortgage Banker's Technology Of The Year 2004 for Rapid Reporting Software.
* Built international virtual private network for communicating and collaborating with vendors, service providers, government agencies, and outsourcers utilizing completely free software.
* Replaced manual production line and supply chain procedures with automated systems.

Chief Security Officer, i2 Technologies
Irving, TX — 2000-2002
i2 Technologies delivered groundbreaking supply chain management systems to businesses around the world. Thier Rhythm collaboration engine set the benchmark other supply chain vendors sought to meet. From the U.N. Humanitarian mission to K-Mart, Nike, and Siemens, i2 supply chain software delivered the efficiency and accuracy needed to meet their varied mission demands.


* Spearheaded LDAPS Enterprise Directory implementation for ERP, Authentication (Single Sign-on), Authorization (Replacing NIS/AD), and Inventory Management consolidation
* Led Information Security Team in both routine and Incident Handling operations
* Engineered and deployed enterprise network intrusion detection system.
* Authored Security Policies and Procedures, including restructuring network architecture and firewall design/implementation as well as 3rd party/partner connectivity.
* Developed Security repository for tracking of Vulnerability Assessments.

Senior Security/Systems Engineer, GTEi
Irving, TX — 1999-2000
GTEi was the internetworking arm of GTE, later becoming Black Rocket. We delivered private and public networking solutions to businesses around the globe.


* Managed a team of Network Administrators responsible for all GTEi network operations.
* Designed Central Access Gateway server and software utilizing SSH and a custom built interface.
* Authored Security Policies and Procedures, including development of network architecture and firewall design/implementation.
* Responsible for all emergency troubleshooting, disaster recovery, and intrusion incident response.
* Deployed Intranet knowledgebase and processes to maintain up-to-date documentation.
* Provided Linux based solutions for Firewall, Webserver, Mail Server, Proxy Server, and data encryption.
* Responsible for O/S security policies for Linux, SUN and HP-UX O/S’s for Maintenance as well as LAN/WAN.

MIS Coordinator, Corphealth
Fort Worth, TX — 1997-1999
Corphealth manages psychiatric clinics nationwide. Through consolidation they allow mental health professionals the ability to deliver quality care with less operational overhead and streamlined cash flow.


* Coordinated conversion of 2000 user FoxPro database to SQL 6.5.
* Managed all facets of LAN/WAN and server security.
* Responsible for all corporate and clinic site architecture
* Designed, programmed, and implemented Intranet applications to replace manual business processes (Helpdesk, PTO, Attendance, Timecards, Inventory, and Document Control).
* Developed training/test network for new hires, retraining classes, and testing new software.
* Designed and implemented corporate WAN and VPN.
* Converted Lotus Notes mail and document system to open source engineered solution.
Network Engineer/Technical Support Manager, Flashnet
Fort Worth, TX — 1994-1997
Flashnet Internet Services started as a tiny shop and grew to be a nationwide player in delivery of residential and commercial internet access. Utilizing commodity hardware and open source platform management, we delivered a low-cost solution for the emerging market of home and small business internet access.

* Coordinated and performed on-site consulting for Internet-related installation and maintenance of commercial customers.
* Developed web-based customer account tracking and helpdesk archive.
* Responsible for installation and maintenance of all backend system architecture.
* Designed and developed company-wide intranet.
* Spearheaded formation of internal support group, including recruitment of technicians, testing, and training/re-training.

Devry, Irving TX
Computer Engineering — 1991-1994
Completed a demanding program of Computer Engineering, comprised of all aspects of software and hardware engineering.

* Programming: Ruby, Python, Perl, Shell (zsh, bash, csh, ksh, awk, sed), Common LISP, Scheme, PHP, ASB, VB, Java, Clojure, C/C++, Haskell, Erlang, Io, Self, ECMA.
* Operating Systems: MS Windows, Unix (HP, Solaris, AIX, BSD), Linux (Debian developer, Archlinux developer), BeOS, osX.
* Networking: Cisco, HP, Extreme, Siemens, Juniper, Linux, BSD
* Database: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, GT/M, PICK (jBase, Universe), Firebird, Cassandra, CouchDB, MongoDB, SQLAnywhere.
* Web: Apache, Nginx, Lighttpd, Publicfile, Comanche, Hunchentoot, Rack-based, Litespeed, Thttpd.
* Virtualization: VMWare, Xen, KVM, LXC, OpenVZ
* Cloud: Amazon AWS, IBM Smartcloud, Softlayer, Rackspace
* Hardware: x86, RISC (HP, IBM, Sun), Mac.
* Miscellaneous: Firewalls, Telecom (Freeswitch, Avaya, Asterisk, OpenSIPS, Kamailio), LDAP, Kerberos, Information Security.
Available upon request.
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