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Brian Mark Hahn

Freelance Cartoonist & Caricature Artist

Location:Eugene, Oregon, United States
Phone: 5412248277
2 Skills
Highly skilled graphic designer, illustrator, fine artist, cartoonist and animator.

Art director, designer and producer for entertainment and educational software. iPhone application developer. Team management, scheduling and leadership experience and training.

Artwork and graphic design for advertisements, posters, business cards, mural design, brochures, restaurant materials. Sign design, creation and installation. T-shirt design and pre-press apparel art creation.

Design and creation of web banners and websites. Graphical technical support and customer service.


Spotkin, LLC
Conceptual drawings, character design & animation for gaming projects. Design of all characters and parts for “Contraption Maker”.

Iconographic Design
Sole proprietor of this multi-disciplined graphics business. Collaborate with clients to create corporate identity in the forms of display materials including logo design, web design, print materials, sign design and installation, apparel graphics, stickers, and more. Conceptual and architectural illustrations, spot drawings, cartooning, caricatures and fine art painting, murals, etc.

Young Rembrandts
Elementary school aged art teacher, after school instruction in the fundamentals of drawing and colorization.

Vino and Vango
Teach customers how to paint a painting while entertaining them at their private and drop-in painting parties.

Worked on a Disney/Playdom casual social game “The Liddles”. Designed animations using hand drawing and researching on the web. Used PhotoShop, Illustrator & Flash to create a detailed, humorous, animated facial expression system. Editing and writing XML code to implement facial expression system. Added facial expressions to hundreds of 3D animations using skills in timing to maximize emotional and entertainment impact. Created Conceptual drawings of upgradable buildings in a precise isometric perspective under close supervision of the art director. Created detailed spreadsheets to communicate exactly which animations to display dependent upon character situations, in what order to play them, and other information so that programmers could properly code character interactions such as romance, conversation and interaction with each other & game objects.

The Register-Guard
Create newspaper advertisement mock-ups using traditional artist materials as visual guidelines for computer ad creators. Ads created were from small to large, from simple to very complex, black and white and full color. Work closely with sales staff to provide customer with desired outcome. Work under tight deadlines. In charge of special pages like the summer camps, theater listings and special publications.

Product art director, producer and designer. Specialized in taking over projects that were unfocused, late and over budgeted, that had a lack of focus and leadership. Made changes and righted troubled projects, focusing resources and bringing large projects to successful completion, more or less on time and on budget.

As art director, I played a central role in each product, helping develop the look and overseeing the technical specifications. Served as the communication connection between artists, designers, programmers and upper management. Also took charge of long distance art direction and translation direction. Served as representative of the R & D team to marketing and PR. Art director for marketing and PR including project website, product packaging and materials design.

Producer/designer duties included: performance reviews, employee supervision, budget overseer, and schedule maintenance and coordination.

GarageGames, Inc.
Computer game art direction for Marble Blast and Chain Reaction games; producing and animating 2D & 3D computer game assets; marketing and PR material design; web page design and production; user interface design, animation and production.

Buzz Monkey Software, LLC
Design a variety of elements for AAA title for game company UBI Soft. Including: character dialog and interaction with other characters, game elements and reactions to game story and situations. Design UI elements using flow chart software. Attend and participate in design and brainstorming meetings. Create art assets: create 3D and 2D art assets for the UI and HUD.

Homesource Charter School
Develop curriculum along with a co-teacher for creation of a computer game with students each taking a role in the programming, art production and design. Actual completion of a mini-game in one term with tight deadlines, cooperation, teamwork and fun!


University of Oregon: BS in Fine Art and minor in computer programming. Graphic design, drawing, painting, computer graphics, animation, programming and math. Production of two, two 2.25 minute animated films: Food Chainge & the award winning Juggler.

Lane Community College: Graphics software training including Adobe Illustrator, PageMaker and QuarkXPress, 3D Studio Max, plus HTML coding. Comedy writing and performances. Zenger Miller management training

Other training:
Oregon Leadership Development Program; Oregon Leadership Institute



Contraption Maker – With Spotkin, LLC: concepts and design for characters and all game components, designing, drawing, model sheets and colorization. Design of some background scenery. Still working on this project part time.

Liddles (not shipped) – With Disney NW Interactive (formerly Playdom). Developed character factial expression system, designing character interaction and emotion in every aspect of the game. Used proprietory tools to create facial expressions, designed facial expressions and placed on 3D animated characters to bring them to life. Designed all character animations, storyboarding and art directing 3D artists. Placed facial expressions on finished animations.

South Park (not shipped) – at Buzz Monkey Software (now Zynga) for Publisher Ubisoft. Designer and artist. A 3-D action/arcade/puzzle game for Playstation.

MarbleBlast (art direction and production)

Chain Reaction (art direction and production)

The Incredible Machine: Even More Contraptions (art direction, design, producer)

Return of the Incredible Machine: Contraptions (art direction, design)
¦ AIAS Interactive Achievement Award: "Computer Family Title of the Year")
¦ SIIA Codie Honoring Excellence Award: "Best Strategy and Simulation Game")
¦ Parents Choice Silver Honor

Lionel 3-D Ultra TrainTown Deluxe (art direction, design, producer)

Hershey's 3-D Ultra Thrillride Pinball (art production, producing)

Lionel 3-D Ultra TrainTown (art direction, producing)
¦ AIAS ’00 Interactive Achievement Award: "PC Family Entertainment Title of the Year"
¦ Parents Choice Silver Honor

3-D Ultra Minigolf Deluxe (art direction, art production)

3-D Ultra Minigolf (art director)

Field & Stream Trophy Rivers (art direction)

Hunter Hunted (art director)

FrontPage Sports Trophy Bass (art direction)
¦ Computer Gaming World Premiere Award Finalist: "Sports Team of the Year"

The Incredible Machine 3.0 (art direction)

The Incredible Machine 2 (art, sound and music direction)

Sid & Al's Incredible Toon Machine (art direction, design)
¦ Computer Gaming World Premiere Award Finalist: "Best Strategy Game"

The Even More Incredible Machine (art direction)

Turbo Learning Mega Math (art direction)

Quarky and Quaysoo's Turbo Science (art direction)

The Incredible Machine (art direction)

Johnny Castaway Screensaver (art direction)
¦ PC Entertainment: "Best PC Puzzle Game"
¦ Computer Game Review "Golden Triad Award" December
¦ Game Players: "PC Excellence Award"

The Adventures of Willy Beamish (art and animation, original concept)
¦ Enchanted Realms "Distinctive Adventure Award"

Rise of the Dragon (art direction and art production)
¦ Computer Gaming World: Special Award for Artistic Achievement

Heart of China (art production)
¦ Enchanted Realms "Adventure Game Awards"

Ghostbusters II (art and animation production)

Motocross (art and animation production)

Caveman Ugh-lympics (art and animation production)

Juggler: Animated film

¦ Academy of Student Film Award Nomination, Hollywood, CA
¦ San Francisco Art Institute Film Festival
¦ The Film & Video Seminar of the Northwest, Seattle, WA
¦ Sinking Creek Festival, Tennessee
¦ Oregon State Fair Film Competition, Salem, OR
¦ Young People's Film Festival, Portland, OR

Food Chainge: Animated film

Fine Artist
Painter in watercolor, acrylic, oils and pastels. Shows in ESAP (the Eugene Storefront Art Project), Memento Ink and Park Street Cafe. Figure drawing expressionist.
Standup Comedy
Ecstatic Dance
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Caricature Art