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Noah Scammon

Freelance Animator & Script Writer

Location:Avon, Connecticut, United States
Phone: 860-338-3798
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hey everybody! Allow me to kick this off by introducing myself: I'm Noah, and I live to create. my passion in life is to entertain and make something great for people to enjoy. with an over saturated market of entertainment now-a-days, sometimes the line of quality can be blurred. I strive for a strong emphasis on quality for my work in anything I do. (I want quality in the things I enjoy so why not make it the same way?) I'm a long time 2d animator. going on 8 years now with 4 years of professional animation for a children's cartoon and 2 indie video game companies. I've also made a name for myself in my cartoon voice acting and stage performance. as a writer, I've written for both comedy and more serious toned scripts. comedy may be my weapon of choice but I have written dark, meaningful stories for graphic novels and various scripts. i've done cinematography for about 7 years as well with my father bill. ive done grip,lighting and jib camera operator.

my true passion is cartoons and video games. in animation,writing, and voice acting i want to use my talents to make my projects, as well as yours, the best they can be!

For some examples of my animation check these LINKS:

(Animated,wrote,and voiced for these)

contact me with any and all questions you have and ill even send over demos of my animation and voice acting for you.

thanks again for checking out my page and hopefully get to hear from you all!
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