Toby Nabors

Freelance Commercial Photographer & Advertising Photographer

Location:Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States
2 Skills
Professional photographer with over 20 years of experience. I use only top of the line Nikon bodies, strobes (Flashes). With that being said, there are two much more important things to consider. Any DSLR has ability to take a photograph. The difference in a good photo and a great photo comes down to three things.
First and foremost it’s the glass (lens’) you can own a $5000 camera and use a $100 lens and have the worst pictures in the world. The two other factors are just as important. If you understand light and how to use it, you will make nice photo’s. Lastly, if you can compose a photograph using lines and light, with the right glass. You can and will create award winning photo’s.

I currently own the following gear:
10-24mm 3.5 Sigma
18-140mm 3.5 Nikkor
18-55mm 3.5 Nikkor
18-50mm 2.8 Sigma
35mm Prime 1.8 Nikkor
35-105 Macro Zoom 3.5 Nikkor
40mm Prime Macro 2.8 Nikkor
55-200mm 3.5 Nikkor
80-200mm 2.8 Tokina
135mm Prime 2.8 Nikkor