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Rachel Peterson

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Currently, I am a member of the Adjunct Faculty at Clark State's Greene Center, where I have taught Developmental Writing (CPE 071 and 072) for nearly four years. I enjoy teaching developmental composition classes so much that I would like to teach full-time. As a first generation college student, I feel a great affinity for the students in community college campuses, who often came from similar backgrounds. However, I an ready to move on to full-time positions. I currently attend a low-residency M.F.A. Program through Ashland University, which allows me to work as I complete my thesis this summer, which will be a book of poetry.

Since I began college, I have taken every opportunity to teach and write. I have a dual major in English and Religion from Wright State University. I did editorial work as an undergrad, first as a Proofreader for the university’s Printing Services. Later, I served as the Assistant Editor of the university’s literary journal (NEXUS), where my main duties included proofing poems, advertising the journal, formatting each issue, and creating a student writer’s group. I also worked in the University Writing Center as a Writing Consultant, where I helped students hone their writing abilities. I even directed plays at a local high school to earn money for college.

While still an undergraduate, I spent a year as a Brethren Volunteer Service volunteer at On Earth Peace (OEP) in New Windsor, MD. While there, I was both the Program Assistant and the Decade to Overcome Violence (a World Council of Churches initiative) Coordinator. My duties included the following: maintaining the DOV network database, attending staff meetings (facilitating when necessary), representing OEP and DOV at various local and national events, working with the Internet, using word processors, preparing bulk mailings, writing articles, and editing DOV or OEP articles when necessary. Many of the workshops included mediation training, critical thinking, and exploring the relation between arts and activism. I have written and/or co-written articles for Agenda, Newsline, Messenger, and OEP’s newsletter.

I am interested in writing in many forms. I have participated in drama and musicals since I was in high school. I have even directed plays while in college. I have a great interest in film as well. In my free-time, I have done editorial as well as voice over work for several community mods.

I am always willing to learn new skills or try new challenges, and I have a deep passion for whatever work I take on.

Rachel Peterson
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