Freelance Database Programmer & Technical Writer

Location:United States
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Name: Sara Morgan (formerly Sara Morgan Rea)

Title: Independent Consultant/Author/Speaker located in Louisiana

Expertise: My greatest strength is the ability to understand highly complex systems and then be able to communicate and train others how to use these systems. I am a former MVP, MCSD and MCDBA and I have written several books (mostly for Microsoft Press). My first book was released in 2005 and is titled, Building Intelligent .NET Applications. Where some developers shy away from challenging work, I embrace it.

* MCSD, MCDBA certifications
* Microsoft MVP, 2007
* Consultant/Programmer/Analyst/Applications Architect
* Published Author
* Visual Studio 2010 (C# and Visual Basic.NET)
* Microsoft Expression Studio
* Microsoft SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008 (SSRS and SSIS)
* OCS 2007 - Speech Server
* Microsoft Robotics Studio
* Adobe Photoshop/Adobe Captivate/Adobe Flash
* Oracle 8, 9i, 10
* PHP and ASP
* JavaScript/HTML/CSS
* Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)

Custom Solutions, LLC
Title: Independent Consultant/Author/Speaker
Start – End Dates: 11/2005 to Present Summary:
* Developed and deployed database application with SQL Server 2005 back-end for CFO of Health Data Services to manage and report on employee cost and revenues.
* Wrote 2 Electronic EBooks, designed to instruct non-programmers how to select and customize their own professional looking websites using templates or social networks using Ning.
* Wrote API and Administrative Guide documentation for the Office Communications Server documentation team as a contractor for CoroWare
* Taught 2-day course on using simulation with Microsoft Robotics Studio.
* Developed and deployed a complex Robotics Studio application package named ClassPack. The software allows CoroWare customers to simulate working with the company’s mobile robot, named the CoroBot.
* Co-authored Training Kit for Microsoft Press concerning Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), 3.5. Wrote 200 practice questions for this Training Kit.
* Authored an article for MSDN magazine titled, “Simulating your world with MSRS”.
* Authored a book for Microsoft Press titled Programming Microsoft Robotics Studio. ? Authored a Technical White Paper for the Microsoft IT Showcase group concerning the deployment of OCS 2007.
* Authored 40 practice questions for Advanced Learning Systems. The questions will be used in a simulated exam of the 70-547 Microsoft certification exam.
* Co-authored three books for Microsoft Press involving the following subjects: Distributed Application Development, Web Application development, Developing and Optimizing Data Access for SQL Server 2005.
* Spent one week at Microsoft working as a Subject Matter Expert regarding one of the upcoming Business Intelligence certification exams.
* Developed and deployed an ASP.NET/C# portal application for Ginger Mae Financial Services (GMFS).
* Developed and deployed and ASP.NET 2005 application for GMFS that will be used by their Call Center to manage and route leads to salespeople.
* Developed and deployed a website for a small computer consulting company

********* Additional Experience and References Available Upon Request **************

Institution Name: Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA
Degree: B.S. in Quantitative Business Analysis with an option towards Computer Science, 1993

* 1998 - Article in Microsoft's Interactive Developer about Stress Testing Web Sites.

* 1999 - Multiple Articles featured on the MSDN Online Gazette site.

* 2000 - Several articles featured in Enterprise Development Magazine. Refer to: Considered a regular monthly contributor.

* 2005
Article featured in .NET development using .NET alerts. Refer to: 2006
In March 2005 released, “Building Intelligent .NET Applications: Agents, Data Mining, Rule-based systems, and Speech Processing”, published by Addison- Wesley. The book has been very well received by reviewers. To get more information about the book visit:
Article featured on Visual Studio Magazine about Data Mining with SQL 2000. Refer to
Article featured on titled, “Top Ten Tips for Designing Telephony Applications”. Refer to

* 2007
Article featured on titled, “How to Build Grammars for Speech Enabled Applications”. Refer to:
Article featured on titled, “Make you ASP.NET Applications Talk with Text-to-Speech”. Refer to:
In October 2006 released, MCTS Self-Paced Training Kit (exam 70-529): Microsoft .NET 2.0 Distributed Application Development, published by Microsoft Press. To get more information about the book visit:
Article featured on titled, “How to Control Your Robot (and Other Devices) with Your Voice”. Refer to
Article featured on titled, “An Introduction to Programming Robots with Microsoft Robotics Studio”. Refer to:
Article featured on titled, “Using Microsoft Robotics Studio to Program Parallax’s Boe-Bot”. Refer to
In January 2007 released, MCPD Self-Paced Training Kit (exam 70-547): Designing and Developing Web Based Applications, published by Microsoft Press. To get more information about the book visit: =pd_bbs_3/002-3084145-6912042?ie=UTF8&s=books.
In March 2007 released, MCTIP Self-Paced Training Kit (exam 70-442): Designing and Optimizing Data Access by using SQL Server 2005, published by Microsoft Press. To get more information about the book visit:

* 2008
In March 2008 released, Programming Microsoft Robotics Studio by Microsoft
Press. To get more information about the book, visit
MSDN Magazine article concerning simulation in Microsoft Robotics Studio published in the June 2008 edition.
Article featured in titled, “Deliver next-generation SOA apps with Microsoft Robotics Studio”. Refer to
October 2008, MCTS Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-503): Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Windows Communication Foundation.