William Whiting

Freelance Songwriter & Music Composer

Location:Tampa, Florida, United States
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Unpainted Souls,
An all natural band.

At the core, Unpainted Souls is about life and the artistic expression of life’s struggles and joys.

Here's what some early reviewers have to say:

"William Whiting, Jr of Unpainted Souls is a virtuoso of all things stringed and virtually unknown, but not for long.” - BAAMO

"Billy Whiting is nonetheless a seasoned songwriter. His band “ Unpainted Souls” has been together only a short while, but their tight arrangements and energetic performances will make you believe otherwise. One of their songs was included in the recent BAMMO anthology “Tales of Highways & Low Roads”, demonstrating both the strength of Billy’s songwriting and the appeal of his band." - Ed Lehmann

"Deep, thoughtful lyrics, interesting, and sometimes playful melody lines.?There's not a whole lot to dislike about Unpainted Souls. The commitment to intelligent, non-commercial music is appreciated and welcomed. I'm already waiting for the next CD! By Hamlet's Father's Ghost. ITunes review."

Unpainted Souls has released 3 albums Songs of Worship and Wonder, Life Sin Prayer, Long Country Roads and is now working on a 4th. They have been featured on Napster, Indie Castle and Respect My Music. They have performed at several Tampa venues and live on 88.5. There song Train Song was included on the latest BAMMO release Tales of Highways and Low Roads.
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Music Composition