Raynell Coaxum

Freelance Animal Illustrator & Voiceover Freelancer

Location:Columbia, South Carolina, United States
2 Skills
I have developed a various number of drawing skills for a various number of projects. Currently, I am working on creating a video game using Adobe Flash using my own drawings to animate the characters. I have submitted my art into different art fairs which have received high standards among the judges and other art lovers. I have created a nice art portfolio of my best work since my years in high school to the most current drawings. I have previous experience in creating websites, making website logos, and designing business cards for personal and business use.

Besides being an artist, I am also working on become a voiceover artist. I have submitted my voice to numerous jobs to which most of them were used for other projects though they were unpaid positions. I am practicing on manipulating my voice to sound younger and older than what my current voice actually sounds. I am also practicing to one day lend my voice to cartoons and video games in the near future.
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Animal Illustration