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Michael Frazier

Freelance Nature Animal Illustrator & Book Illustrator

Location:Portland, Maine, United States
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I've been taken by the creation of art ever since I was first given a pencil. I had the good fortune to be raised by museums, which shepherded my growth towards a detail eyed young artist who'd love to get in to freelancing. When I put pencil to paper, I work hard and work at it until it's finished, because, at the deepest level, art is an idea captured and enshrined, and that idea must be done justice. I specialize in landscapes and buildings, nature scenes, and portraiture, working in pencil and charcoal, though I'm currently returning to the wonderful world of paint. I've also done personal work with fantasy or medieval-esque maps and illumination, and continue developing my skills in those. I believe my style works well with fantasy art, and tends to have a rather gentle feel. Though I often judge my work harshly, I have a deep feeling of pride in my creations, and would love to do work for you. Thank you for reading!
Michael Frazier