Robert C. Blaschke Jr.

Freelance Videographer & Video Editor

Location:Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, United States
Phone: 608.432.3104
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More than 15 years of experience in print media, serving as a writer, editor and publisher. My experience includes producing every aspect of a publication, from ad design and sales, editorial content, page design, printing, and delivery.

My photography experience spans three decades, shooting athletics, NASCAR, nature, news, events, and weddings.

Over the past few years I have moved heavily into video and have shot and produced nearly 100 sporting events, from high school hockey to semi-pro football.

I own and operate a trio of Sony three-chip cameras, along with related audio and support accessories.

My video experience includes shooting and editing everything from 30-second commercials to weddings.

Since 2003, I have designed, hosted, and maintained a number of regional (one national) websites, mostly related to auto racing. My work with these websites have also included writing and distributing press releases, event photography, publishing weekly programs (print) and even for one venue purchasing their contract advertising from more than 12 media outlets (radio stations and newspapers).

My background and experience gives me a wide understanding of Jpegs to Tiffs, RGB to CYMK, and MP4 to Flash

I am located in central Wisconsin and willing to travel for the right projects. I prefer to edit from my own office, equipped with a pair of Mac G5 towers and necessary software (Adobe, Quark, Word, FCP, etc).

I enjoy projects that both challenge me and further expand my experience. From small projects that you just don't have the time to complete yourself to those projects requiring more equipment or experience than you possess, I can help you reach the finish line.
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Video Editing