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Robert L. Spivey Jr.
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Trenton, New Jersey

Human Resources Manager
Dear Human Resources Manager:
As a career educator with more than 15 years of providing instruction and curriculum development in the areas of architecture, math, product design-and most recently re-entry education. Moreover, I have acclimated myself to a more hand-on approach. I am currently seeking a fresh challenge in city service where I can apply all my background and expertise to the organizations bottom-line enhancements to a much improved community. My area of experience is in teaching and instruction, administration, youth/adult advocacy, employee management, quality control and customer service/sales service, collections and as a verifier for NJ KID CARE.
I provide a proven track record of success in developing methods in teaching, research and development in curriculum standards, as well as management skills that include the ability to interview, evaluate, train and motivate personnel.
In the past, I have created/developed class instruction specializing in architecture and my current projects in re-entry education. Furthermore, I have had the desire to serve in a more complete capacity involving substance abuse/education. I find that your organization’s outreach and treatment services serve the community well. I would very much like to join your organization.
I am confident I can make a meaningful contribution to the community you serve, and would like to be considered for an interview to talk about current and future positions. I can be reached at the above email address and phone number.

Sincerely yours,
Robert L. Spivey Jr.
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