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Andrej Mitevski

Freelance Artist, Drawer, & More

Location:Skopje, Karposh, Macedonia
Phone: ++38978451819
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CV of Andrej Mitevski
Born: 31. 10. 1976 in Skopje, Macedonia.
Finished Art school in 1995 and Academy for fine arts in 1999-Skopje. Best University student of the Academy of fine arts in 1999.
Finished postgraduate studies in the same Academy in 2000/2002.
Solo Exhibitions:
1999-CIX-galery, Contemporary art center-Skopje-{Spirals}
2000-House of Robevci-Museum of city of Ohrid-{Spirals 2}
2001-CIX-galery- contemporary art center-Skopje-{Window Macedonia}
2002-Aero –gallery
2003-Museum of contemporary art Skopje(Millenium gate)
2006- Babel centre of contemporary art –Utrecht-Holland (Sun rainbow) *
2009-…OR TRUTH – Museum of City of Skopje
2012-Still Life – Gallery “OKO” Skopje Macedonia

Group exhibitions:
2001-The 5th Biennial of youth artists-Museum of contemporary art Skopje
2001-Cefair-genomik culture- Museum of contemporary art Skopje
2002- 13 Dialects- Museum of contemporary art Skopje
2003-The 6th Biennial of youth artists-Museum of contemporary art Skopje
2003-Aword for young artist (DENES) - Museum of contemporary art Skopje *
2005-Exibition with the pianist Simon Trpcevski-Dom na kulturata-Marko Cepenkov-Prilep
2005-Exibition with the pianist Simon Trpcevski-Gevgelija
2007- Nasunogahara International Sculpture Symposium-10 year exhibition anniversary Otawara-Japan *
2008- Exhibition with the pianist Simon Trpcevski- Museum of contemporary art Skopje*
2008- ivited artist for the Beijing Bienial(BIAB) in 2008 (Colours and Olympisam) China *

1997-Prilep Macedonia
1999-Valemaio-Lavale della pietra-Italy
1999-Atina-Una skulptura per Atina-Italy
2000-Cervara di Roma-Italy *
2004-Roca di Archi-Italy, San Giovani Incarico-Italy, Valemaio-Italy
2006- Nasunogahara International Sculpture Symposium-Otawara-Japan *
2007- Roca di Archi-Italy,Fontana Liri-Italy Valemaio-Italy
2008-Coreno Ausonia-Italy
2011-Santiago del Estero-Argentina-A.I.E.S.M.*

2007- Artist and desiner for the Carneval studio AZZURI in Foiano Italy

2008- Artist and desiner of the award for the Film festival Cinadays M-Skopje Macedonia, MOT-Young open theater-Skopje Macedonia , Film festival Cinadays-Skopje Macedonia, Eko fest Green wave”21st centuri” Bulgaria *,
2011-Projekt menager for Dubai art projekt
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