Darius Gray

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Location:Johnson City, Tennessee, United States
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Hello, My name is Darius Gray. I am college graduate and a current college student. I graduate from Nashville State Community College I majored In biochemistry. I am now continuing my education to obtain my bachelors in biochemistry.Going to medical is my life time dream. I am currently beginning my application process for medical school. I also have my own online marketing business that is growing rapidly. I have been doing online marketing for two years and have made tremendous progress. I interned at Vanderbilt University Hospital, cataloging surgical procedures and observing research and clinical work. I am also a philosophy minor, writing papers are my forte, there has not been a single paper through my college education that I have not made a B or higher. Writing and designing are passions of mine and I tend to produce over average results when using these skills. I tutored and proofread students that are on high school and undergraduate college education levels for two years.
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