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David Hall

Freelance Digital Artist & Animator

Location:Jamul, California, United States
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David Nathaniel Hall
(858) 386-6267 |


Friendly, knowledgeable, hard worker with over 3 years industry experience. Extensive knowledge of particle systems. Expert knowledge of CG software packages. Knows how to follow instructions and complete tasks punctually and aptly. A fan of dynamite. Team player who highly values communication, and can also work on projects solo with minimal direction. Enjoys blowing things up. Motivated by deep work ethic and desire to create badass art. A solid balance between professionalism and fun.


Photoshop, Maya, 3ds Max, Realflow, Houdini, Unity Game Engine, UDK Game Engine (Advanced knowledge of Material Editor and Cascade Particle System), After Effects, Flash, ToonBoom


B.S. Media Arts & Animation, AICASD
Outstanding Student Achievement, AICASD
Dean’s List, AICASD 3.7 - 3.9 GPA
Honors List, AICASD 3.5 - 3.6 GPA

Professional Creative Experience:

Lakshya Digital March 2013 – May 2013
? Visual Effect Artist
Worked with Art Director and Game designers to create AAA CG
game ready effects using Unity.
? Unannounced Action Adventure

SuperPlay Games March 2012 – March 2013
? Visual Effects Artist
Worked with Animators and Programmers to create 2D and CG
game ready effects for Flash and Unity.
? Unannounced Action Adventure
? Unannounced Action RPG
? Unannounced Action Casual Puzzler

US Navy 2009 - December 2011
? Software and Design Consultant
Worked with Navy Chaplains to solve software issues
? Created videos and powerpoints for presentations
? Created Logos and Icons for mobile app
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Digital Art