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Started school a year early and was writing in cursive 3 years ahead of my age & 2 years ahead of my grade. English was my initial major in college before my first hiatus. Wrote poems and rap rhymes all through my twenties, chasing a pipe dream of having a career in entertainment before finding out about the dirt that comes with it. After convincing a friend who is in the industry to let me assist her in her future projects, she had me write her Wikipedia page out. Impressed with my work, she currently has me on standby to co-pen her biography. Since then I have written my own book of short stories & am in the process of getting it self-published. The next step for me is to start a blog and get off & running with it. I don't sit on a high horse, so if anyone wants to communicate with me, I will be sure to get back to you. I'm still getting my feet wet in this arena, but even if I were a seasoned veteran, I would still be willing to work with anyone wishing to work with me. I am always open to new ideas as well, so my door is always open unless it's closed...
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