Ognian Milanov

Freelance Mobile Programmer & Smartphone Programmer

Location:Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria
2 Skills
I have designed and implemented several Android
applications for various contractors. Reference may be
found on www.appforce.org/partners. The resulted
software covers almost the entire set of features,
provided by the Android platform, including:
• Custom and innovative user interface
• 2D and 3D graphics rendering with OpenGL ES 1.1
and 2.0 in C and Java
• Advanced networking
• SQLite database, ContentProviders
• GPS location, Google Maps
• Bluetooth
• Accelerometer and geomagnetic sensors
• JNI and native code libraries; porting opensource
to NDK build system; ARM assembly
• Multimedia - audio & video; Text-to-speech;
Speech recognition
• Background services, notifications
• Phone calls, SMS
My passion is to write and work with portable code, and
incorporate the best open source solutions within my
projects. I run unit tests on all logic code and keep
diligent commentary on the public API and crux
implementations. I am always on the hunt for the next
remarkable advanced programming book