Marcel Mercado

Freelance Fantasy Artist & Illustrator

Location:Smyrna, Georgia, United States
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I don’t sleep as much anymore. It’s not that I find myself trying to manage my time between clients, it’s just that I enjoy creating imaginary characters and worlds too much to spend anytime asleep.

From a very early age I grew up looking at art, whether it was the marvel comics, the newspaper funnies, or the picturesque 16th Century Spanish town which I frequented growing up. My first art class was spent in the summers of that old city. From Middle school to High school I found myself attending at a specialized art school, where I was taught Art in between the traditional liberal academic course. Although I ended up skipping a lot of classes from my Sophomore year to Senior year(the beach was only a 10 minute walk!)

I moved to the States for college where I acquired my bachelor of Computer Arts. There I transitioned from the traditional media to a digital one. I learned to use 3d software as well as adobe programs like After Effects and Photoshop.

I eventually got a job at a video game outsource house in Florida, where I learned a great deal of the video game industry.I worked with big and small companies alike. Figuring out solutions and implementing ideas. I learned a great deal from companies like Gearbox, Nickelodeon, EA, 2k, and so many others.

My journey has taken me through unexpected alleys and amazing venues, I have been a painter, compositor, texture artist, art director, concept artist and illustrator. Today I find myself on a new path, a path of uncertainty and excitement. A path filled with the fear of losing but also the courage of overcoming. Today I find myself a freelance illustrator. Which is why I can’t find myself to sleep too much anymore, there’s much left to do.
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Fantasy Art