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Freelance Fashion Illustrator & Caricature Artist

Location:Los Angeles, California, United States
2 Skills
I've worked extensively as an artist in many areas- Fashion Illustration, Portraits, Pet Portraits, Caricatures, Decorative Interior Painting and Murals. My specialty is working by hand and I work in Photoshop and some in Illustrator. I've also done hand inking for animation. Sketching people at live events is another area of expertise. These are elegant, quick ink drawings that capture a likeness, highlighting the guests most attractive features. The hourly rate for that work is $100 per hour. My Caricatures are more studied and they take longer than the quick sketch art. My Pet Portraits are realistic and capture the soul and essence of the beloved pet.

I have experience and a large portfolio of artwork created for children's clothing. Creating this whimsical art led me to create an illustrated story with 6 adorable characters whose interactions teach children valuable life lessons. I also created an illustrated Vowel teaching tool and would love to have it published.

Singing is my other area of expertise and my specialty is Jazz, American Songbook Standards, Classic R & B, Soul and Blues, Some Rock and Broadway music. I've written and produced 2 live stage shows and have performed them successfully in the Los Angeles area. I design all my own flyers for these shows and enjoy doing that.